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We’re in the prime part of the off-season where people are still very engaged and before they check out and start watching other sports. With that in mind, we really thought that now would be the best time to launch our social media community, Vikesgeist.

While this post is about the message board that we have that represents both this site and it’s sister,, we actually have a lot of other features for Vikings fans that are looking to discuss the team they love.

That includes a live chat function for live events, user groups that you can create to discuss whatever topics you want, a Twitter-like software that includes hashtags, followers and Instagram/YouTube integration and a fully customizable profile that includes friends and DMs. Oh, and you get activity points along the way (like Karma on Reddit).

But this post is about the message board and these are the top 3 trending articles right now.

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  1. Someone has to Say it, Cousins is the Franchise QB We’ve Been Waiting for

  2. Vikings Reportedly Talking Extension w/ Cook

  3. The Off-Season Reaping is Here [Make it Stop]

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