About PurplePTSD

In 2015, Joe Johnson created PurplePTSD to express his passion for the Vikings through his writing.

Foremost among Joe’s priorities was being able to create an online arena for others to participate in a Vikings community. He proceeded by articulating his unique enthusiasm for everyone’s favorite purple team as he invited people to share their own perspectives.  

For a while, things were modest at PurplePTSD, as he acknowledged: “I started this network back in 2015 as a hobby and glorified Facebook account. I never imagined that that site… I’ll explain it this way. I’d check the traffic each day and see that about 10-15 people read my stuff, or so I thought. I found out that most of those clicks were bots from search engines, and me.”

Joe continued to work. He then worked a little more, eventually getting the site to the point where it became one of the leading spots for Vikings coverage. Joe’s passion and work ethic were integral to his success. You can read more about all that he did in those early days on PurplePTSD.  

During the summer of 2021, we received the heartbreaking news that Joe passed away. 

Not too long afterwards, Joe’s family took over ownership of the sites he either started or bought. Dustin Baker was brought on to be the managing editor at Vikings Territory; K. Joudry took on the same role at PurplePTSD. Both sites continued to grow.

In time, Joudry ended up shifting to a different role, opening the door for Josh Frey to become the managing editor at PurplePTSD. Under Frey’s leadership, PurplePTSD has continued taking steps forward by offering a robust helping of daily Vikings content. Each day brings more news, analysis, opinion, and rumors.

PurplePTSD – alongside Vikings Territory – is independently owned, existing outside of the national networks that can undergird many of the single-team NFL sites. Even without a broader collective to funnel traffic to our site, PurplePTSD welcomes hundreds of thousands of readers on a monthly basis, largely due to our ongoing commitment to offering sophistication without condescension as we hop into the discussion that’s constantly taking place around the Vikings.  

There are plenty of Vikings sites out there, but there’s an originality and energy behind what Joe started. Our aim is to continue pursuing his vision by cultivating a great spot for readers to settle in for their Vikings coverage.

We heartily encourage you to make PurplePTSD your go-to spot for Minnesota Vikings coverage. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Follow our writers. Set the site as your home page. Above all, keep cheering for those Vikings.

Someday, they’ll break through to finally win one. Joe would have been thrilled.


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