Our Team

PurplePTSD is proud to feature the expertise and experience of top-tier Vikings writers, analysts and experts. Read on to learn more about our trustworthy team. Skol!

Senior Editor – Kyle Joudry

K. Joudry is the Senior Editor for Vikings Territory and PurplePTSD. He has been covering the Vikings full time since the summer of 2021. He can be found on Twitter and as a co-host for Notes from the North, a humble Vikings podcast.

Managing Editor – Josh Frey

Josh Frey is a Class of 2020 graduate of The College of Idaho and managing editor of PurplePTSD.com. When he’s not writing about the NFL, Josh enjoys running, gaming, or rooting for the Milwaukee Brewers and Bucks. Check out his Twitter account: @Freyed_Chicken.

Senior Writer – Joe Oberle

About the Author, from the author: “Joe Oberle has been a professional writer since 1983 (40 years) and in addition to writing and editing numerous publishing companies and publications has authored three books and has two more in the works). I have been the managing editor of Minnesota Golfer magazine for 23 years and cover the Vikings for purplePTSD and vikingsterritory–specifically as host of the Vikings Territory Breakdown podcast.”

Contributor – Cole Smith

About the Author, from the author: “Cole has been an avid Vikings and NFL fan since he was five years old. He began memorizing stats when looking at the back of football cards and can give you a complete history off of almost anything NFL-related off the top of his head. He began putting this knowledge to work in 2017 and then became even more Vikings-centric in 2020 when he joined The Vikings Gazette. When he isn’t watching or reading about football, Cole is usually giving heated opinions on movies and is sharing his dislike for almost everything food-related.”

Contributor – Henrique Gucciardi

Henrique’s writing features detailed focus on salary cap and management. Henrique works to provide readers with an International perspective on the life of a Vikings fan.

About the Author, from the author: “By some unknown reason I fell in love by a team 5603 miles away. Trying to be the first Brazilian to be an NFL GM – it would be nicer if it happens with the Vikings. Currently studying Sports Science at Unicamp. Besides football, I am goofy and always try to make people laugh by telling bad jokes.”

Contributor – Matthew Davis

About the Author, from the author: “Matthew Davis writes for multiple outlets outside of Purple PTSD including NFL coverage for Heavy, recruiting coverage for Prep Network, and high school sports contributions for the Star Tribune. Davis has also written for the Sun Post, Inter-County Leader, Valley City Times-Record, and The Catholic Spirit. Davis earned a degree in mass communication from North Dakota State University and covered the Bison for The Spectrum.”

Contributor – Nate Powalie

About the Author, from the author: “Nate Powalie is a writer for Purple Territory Media. Nate is a proud Class of 2022 graduate of Ashland University (Ashland, Ohio), where he studied journalism and sports communication. Nate also is involved as a drug store cashier. From Ohio, Nate supports the purple and gold, whether it’s his Alma Mater Ashland University Eagles, or the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings.”

Contributor – Tom Woldum

Tom’s writing features deep-dives into data using a marketing perspective. Tom works to provide readers with an entertaining and informative read featuring a healthy dose of Purple Pragmatisim.

About the Author, from the author: “In addition to writing for PurplePTSD, I wear many other hats: Marketing Guru, Harmonica Player, Photographer, Writer, Tennis Player, MN Sports Junky, Dad & Grand Dude. I’ve been a Viking fan full of opinions since 1972, Published Writer since 1976, Award-Winning Screenwriter since 1982, Proud Parent since 1989, Unpublished Novelist since 1997, Lyricist/Lead Singer/Harp Player since 2005, Independent Marketing / Media Consultant since 2012, and Blogger since 2021. Follow me on Twitter, @TomWoldum.”

Contributor – Brenan Bane

Brevan’s writing features a wide-lens; encompassing everything from draft analysis to expert in-game analyses. Readers can expect a passionate voice that captures the perspective of a younger generation of Vikings fans.

About the Author, from the Author, “I am a 24-year-old Minnesota sports fan based out of Northern Virginia. While I have no family ties to Minnesota as my family is from Pittsburgh, my father is a Vikings fan and got me into them as well. Most of my free time is spent on sports, whether it is writing, video content creation for VikesNow, or simply talking about it with my friends. I am also a big time hockey fan, of course cheering for the Minnesota Wild, and love playing PGA Tour and NHL on my Xbox. I may or may not have a slightly unhealthy obsession with Chipotle.”

Contributor – Will Goodwin

Will’s writing features an idiosyncratic view of statistics as well as investigation of unique connections. Will works to provide readers with an objective view on the emotional world of bring in the Vikings fandom.

About the Author, from the author: “Will is a husband, father, and brother. Just like the Vikings’ General Manager, he earned an undergraduate degree in Economics. Will’s favorite pastimes are water skiing, Minnesota sports, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. He is the co-host of the Load the Box Vikings Podcast with Jordan Hawthorn.”

Contributor – Brett Peterson

Brett’s writing features in-depth analysis at a high level. Brett works to provide readers with access to quality, unbiased information about the Minnesota Vikings.

About the Author, from the author: “Happily married to my high school sweetheart, Janel. Have three beautiful children, Kylar, Paxton and Liliana. I live for sports! Mostly the Vikings and football but also enjoy watching the Timberwolves and other sports.”

Contributor – Cody Spears

Cody’s writing features an expert view into the world of NFL prospects. Readers can expect insightful analytical pieces that feature a comprehensive look around the league… not just a focus on the mainstream prospects. 

About the Author, from the author: “Cody Spears had a challenging upbringing, which gave him a positive outlook on life. His passion lies in evaluating NFL prospects and following their stories. Cody enjoys spending his time on road trips with his wife, Amanda, and son, Bentley. His other interests are reading literature, and analyzing spreadsheets. Cody and his family are super fans of the show “Survivor” on CBS. He is a future Sole Survivor.”

Guest Contributor – Sam Richardson

Sam’s writing features a conversational tone with a touch of humor. Sam works to provide readers with relatable and entertaining read.

About the Author, from the author: “My name is Sam Richardson and I am born and raised true blood Minnesotan, living down in Texas as a want-to-be cowboy. Weather dependent, I enjoy water skiing, snowmobiling and of course rooting on the purple and gold every Sunday. Playing high school football, I think I know more than I actually do so don’t take my word as gospel. Despite my two business degrees, my true passion has always been sports writing, so having this platform is a blessing.”

Guest Contributor – Bryce Lazenby

Bryce’s writing features an outsider’s view on the Purple and Gold. Readers can expect a direct and objective perspective on the state of the Vikings.

About the Author, from the author, “I am an experienced writer based in Nashville, TN. I have experience writing for multiple national sites like Saturday Down South and A to Z Sports. I am married with one son. I married into a family of Packer fans.