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The NFL Draft is now in the rear-view mirror and most in Vikingsland are elated about the 15 picks that the Vikings were able to amass. That posivitiy is a complete 180 from where Vikings fans’ emotions were even a little over a week ago, so we thought why not capitalize on some of the positivity by promoting our internal community features for our readers/Vikings fans!

Between you and me, we’re actually working hard on something that’ll change the way people in Minnesota find, share and discuss all local sports news but that is a month or two away. So, we’ll keep you interested by sharing some of the tools we’ll be carrying over to that new site/app

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We’ve had over 1,000 Vikings fans register on our site since we launched this six weeks ago, so all we need is for YOU to join and for people to start posting/discussing topics as right now it feels a lot like a game of spin the bottle where the bottle is broken and everyone is staring at their phones.
But back to our features!

Those features include:

User Groups
VikesGeist-ter (think Twitter, but JUST for Vikings fans, includes Hashtags, Followers, etc.)
Live Chat for Live Events (One-on-One conversations)
Fully Customizable Profiles (with DMs/Friends/Followers)

And our message board!

Here are the top 3 discussion topics in the message board right now!

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Viewing 0 reply threads
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