3 Trade Candidates To Help Replace Patrick Peterson

Patrick Peterson
May 26, 2021; Eagan, Minnesota, USA; Minnesota Vikings defensive back Patrick Peterson (7) defends wide receiver Adam Thielen (19) in drills at OTA at TCO Performance Center. Mandatory Credit: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Corners don’t just grow on trees. If they did, Mr. Mike Zimmer would have a corner tree. Alas, we don’t live in that world. If we want corner help – and it’s very possible we do following the news of the Patrick Peterson injury – our Vikings will need to look for one in a trade.

In this article, I’ll be offering up three names to consider as trade candidates. My rationale is as follows. I’m looking for teams who are underperforming and perhaps willing to pick up draft picks in exchange for a veteran player. I’m also leaning toward players with relatively modest salaries and who aren’t a team’s #1 option. It’s a bonus if the other team has a connection to Minnesota’s front office.

Keep in mind that the NFL trade deadline is fast approaching: Nov. 2.

Corner Trade Candidate #1: The Vikings Acquire Kyle Fuller

As it stands, Kyle Fuller is putting forth some underwhelming play over in Denver. The former first-round pick ought to be pretty familiar to our Vikes given that he spent most of his career in Chicago. He has since been reunited with Vic Fangio, Chicago’s former DC who is now Denver’s HC. Would Denver consider moving him?

Of course, we all ought to remember that former Vikings executive George Paton is leading things over in Denver. He brought in former Vikings Shamar Stephen and Mike Boone when he took over the Broncos, so it would be reasonable to assume that he values similar player traits and habits. Fuller may therefore be a nice fit for our friends in purple.

The primary issue, of course, is his massive cap hit. Fuller is accounting for more than $9 million against the cap. For this trade to work, there would need to be some financial gymnastics. Perhaps the player would rework his deal, though it’s unlikely midseason. Denver could possibly retain some money, or Minnesota could shift some dollars around. It’s a long shot, but not completely implausible.

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Corner Trade Candidate #2: The Vikings Acquire Desmond King II

The Texans are a mess of a team. One way they can try to remedy this problem rests in making a concerted effort to acquire future assets so they can build a strong squad.

Demond King II is nearly 27-years-old, so he won’t be around by the time the Texans figure things out. He has an almost equal split between his slot snaps and snaps out wide, though I was surprised to see that he actually has played more along the outside. That kind of flexibility would serve him well wherever he goes. He currently has an elite run defense score and a somewhat average 57.7 coverage score.

The best part is the financial hit (or lack thereof). He is making a mere $3.2 million this season. Over the Cap suggests that $500,000 of that would remain with the Texans. In other words, the Vikings could easily fit King under their salary cap. Would a late-round pick do the trick?

Corner Trade Candidate #3: Vikings Acquire J.C. Jackson

What would this list be without a notable Bill Belichick move? He’s well-known for moving on from a player too soon rather than too late. Would he trade J.C. Jackson?

The Pats aren’t likely to do very much in 2021. They’re a pedestrian 2-4. It certainly helps that they play in a division with the Dolphins and Jets, but the Bills will be difficult to overcome. Don’t be shocked if BB starts looking toward the future, ruthlessly moving on from players if he thinks it gives him a better shot down the road.

The vast majority of Jackson’s snaps have come along the outside. PFF‘s 69th-ranked corner has been out wide for 287 snaps and in the slot for 60. Even better is the fact that he makes around $3.4 million, so Minnesota can afford him. If Belichick doesn’t want to pay him beyond this season, don’t be shocked if he starts looking for trade partners.

The Send Off

Folks, there’s a reason why Rick Spielman has the nickname Slick Rick. The dude isn’t shy about pulling off a trade or two. With merely $3.483 million to work with, Spielman will need to be creative.

Right or wrong, the Vikings believe they have a shot at the Super Bowl this season. They are therefore going all-in, spending money and leaning on their vets as they finally try to breakthrough. The injury to Peterson makes life difficult for that Vikings defense, so it won’t be surprising to see them pull off a trade for a corner who can help them in the short term.