What is YOUR Plan for the Off-Season?


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So, with that, we’ll be running some posts like this from time to time to both highlight the message board and also hear from our readers what they think about certain topics. The first topic is about the off-season, and what you believe the Vikings should do to hopefully build a contender for the 2017 season.

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We all know that the team needs to rebuild the offensive line, but I’m interested in hearing what, specifically you believe the team needs to do to rebuild the line. With both Brandon Fusco and Mike Harris getting released (and the cap space that comes from that), it’s clear that a huge overall for the line is coming. So, who should they target in free agency? The draft? What about re-signing certain players (Matt Kalil, Adam Thielen)? Re-structuring contracts (Bradford, Peterson)?

Let us know your thoughts so we can talk about it here…

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