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Week two was filled with crazy comebacks, late game blunders, and way, way, way too many injuries. Before jumping into this, I just want to say thoughts and prayers with everyone who went down this week, and especially James White and his family. 

But, it’s time to get down to business. As the dust begins to settle from what was a very eventful week, let’s breakdown how each team did and which teams are moving up the power rankings, and which ones are freefalling. As always, feel free to tear my takes apart in the comment section!

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NOTES: The top 14 teams are who I consider playoff teams going into week three, seven per conference. The remaining 18 are my non-playoff teams. Trending refers to how high a team rose, or how low a team fell from week two’s rankings.

  1. Baltimore Ravens

Last Week: 33-16 win @ HOU

Trending: ↑1

This Week: 9/28 vs KC

The Ravens are the new head honchos of the NFL. They went into Houston and took care of business, and the running game looked just like it did last year. The most impressive play happened in the fourth quarter when Lamar Jackson lined up in the corner, and Mark Ingram was under center. It was 4th and 1, and the most obvious running play you could possibly draw up. Houston loaded the box up, and still, Ingram broke free and rushed for a 30 yard touchdown. Lamar Jackson now has 28 touchdown passes and one interception in his last nine regular season games. Not bad for a running back.

  1. Kansas City Chiefs

Last Week: 23-20 win @ LAC

Trending: ↓1

This Week: 9/28 @ BAL

Yes, Kansas City escaped LA with a win, but it was not nearly as dominant as their week one win. They finally woke up in the fourth quarter, but their offense struggled to that point, scoring just nine points in the first three quarters. Mix that with the fact that they were playing Justin Herbert in his first career start, and Kansas City deserved to lose their seat in the pole position. Keep your schedules free for 8:15 EST on Monday, though. Kansas City will have to go through Baltimore to reclaim their top spot.

  1. Seattle Seahawks

Last Week: 35-30 win vs NE

Trending: ↑1

Next Week: 9/27 vs DAL

I know I started my Seahawks take last week by talking about Russell Wilson, but I’m going to do it again. No one in the NFL is better than this man. He threw five more touchdowns on Sunday night to five different receivers. His one “blunder” was a pick six that was more due to Greg Olsen mishandling the ball than it was on Wilson’s throw. The defense still isn’t great, but they stood Cam Newton up when it mattered.

  1. Green Bay Packers

Last Week: 42-21 win vs DET

Trending: ↑3

Next Week: 9/27 @ NO

Green Bay did what they were supposed to do against an inferior Detroit team that got hoodwinked by Mitch Trubisky in week one. Aaron Jones seemed back to his old tricks with 168 rushing yards and two scores, and if he and Aaron Rodgers continue to play at high levels, they will be tough for anyone to beat. Next week, they will finally get a Sunday Night matchup with a team that is on their level in New Orleans.

  1. Buffalo Bills

Last Week: 31-28 win @ MIA

Trending: ↓1

Next Week: 9/27 vs LAR

Buffalo got a win, and Josh Allen played great once again. That’s about all you can ask for if you’re a Bills fan. Miami has always been a sneaky tough place to go into during September, and if you are wondering why, just try going there and standing outside in the humidity for five minutes. Florida is America’s basement for a reason. The defense should get back on track against the Rams this week.

  1. Arizona Cardinals

Last Week: 30-15 win vs WSH

Trending: ↑2

Next Week: 9/27 vs DET

Kyler Murray continues to show what he can do when he has a threat at wide receiver. De’Andre Hopkins has been an incredible addition, and he caught eight more balls and a touchdown on Sunday. Murray is doing his best Lamar Jackson impersonation with his legs as well, rushing for two more scores. The train should keep rolling when Detroit comes to town.

  1. New Orleans Saints

Last Week: 24-34 loss @ LV

Trending: ↓4

Next Week: 9/27 vs GB

The defense had too many penalties on Monday night, and they definitely missed Michael Thomas. Drew Brees doesn’t look like Drew Brees, and it took being down two scores in the fourth quarter to finally wake this team up. But, too little too late. Things need to be fixed on both sides before a Sunday Night matchup with Green Bay who is firing on all cylinders. 

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers

Last Week: 26-21 win vs DEN

Trending: ↓1

Next Week: 9/27 vs HOU

Pittsburgh should have easily won this game, but three of their first four second half drives ended disastrously. First, Roethlisberger threw an interception that gave Denver position in Steeler territory. Then, instead of kicking a field goal to go up 14, the Steelers turned the ball over on downs. Finally, to start the fourth quarter, Benny Snell fumbled the ball at midfield, and Denver scored a touchdown. I think this game is a fluky close game, but Pittsburgh needs to clean up their play to stay in the top 10. 

  1. San Francisco 49ers

Last Week: 31-13 win @ NYJ

Trending: ↓3

Next Week: 9/27 @ NYG

San Francisco’s big win on the road was marred by a barrage of injuries to key players. I’ve never seen anything like this. George Kittle and Richard Sherman were already banged up and missed week two, but even more players went down during the game. 

Nick Bosa and Solomon Thomas might be done for the year after being carted off the field. Raheem Mostert and Tevin Coleman also went down with knee injuries and could miss time. Finally, Jimmy Garoppolo suffered a high ankle sprain and could be out for a few weeks. Depending on news we get later this week, and how this team plays against the Giants, they could be falling further next week.

  1. Dallas Cowboys

Last Week: 40-39 win vs ATL

Trending: —

Next Week: 9/27 @ SEA

Last week, I said I would be waiting until after the Atlanta game to declare whether or not Dallas was in trouble. I’m waiting another week. I honestly have no idea what to think about this game. Sure, it seems great on the surface that this team came back and could unite the team moving forward, but is that overridden by the fact that they allowed themselves to go down by that much in the first place? I’m not sure any other team would have allowed Dallas to come back from that deficit. We’ll see how they fare against a proven team in Seattle.

  1. New England Patriots

Last Week: 30-35 loss @ SEA

Trending: —

Next Week: 9/27 vs LV

Last night was the best Cam Newton has thrown the ball since his MVP season. Totaling nearly 400 yards Sunday night rushing for two touchdowns, he did his best to stop the wrecking ball that is Russell Wilson. If he had cut to the outside on that last second run instead of trying to plow through defenders, he might have just done it, too. 

  1. Indianapolis Colts

Last Week: 26-11 win vs MIN

Trending: ↑2

Next Week: 9/27 vs NYJ

The Colts defense demolished Minnesota’s passing game from the get go, and rookie Jonathan Taylor proved he is just fine with pounding the ball in between the tackles. The downside this week is safety Malik Hooper is out for the season with a torn achilles. They should be able to handle their business against a floundering Jets team though. 

  1. Tennessee Titans 

Last Week: 33-30 win vs JAX

Trending: —

Next Week: 9/27 @ MIN

The Titans got a little too comfortable with their two possession lead going into the fourth quarter, and they almost allowed the Jaguars to snag a win behind their new star running back James Robinson and Gardner Minshew. Luckily, Harold Landry was able to pick off a tipped pass to end what could have been Minshew’s second consecutive fourth quarter comeback.

  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Last Week: 31-17 win vs CAR

Trending: ↑1

Next Week:9/27 @ DEN

Tom Brady got his first win as a Buccaneer, and Tampa has snuck their way back into the playoff picture. Carolina’s first two drives resulted in turnovers which the Bucs promptly scored off of, and the game was pretty much out of reach early in the second quarter. Leonard Fournette looked very good, but it was against a defense that let the Raiders run all over them last week. However, Brady continues to look very average. We’ll see how they fare in the mile high city after Denver was frisky in a game against Pittsburgh this week. 

  1. LA Rams

Last Week: 37-19 win @ PHI

Trending: ↑3

Next Week: 9/27 @ BUF

The Rams look a lot like the Super Bowl team from 2018 right now. The offense is clicking on all cylinders, and they have lots of star power on the defense. I definitely slept on this team coming into the season, and so far, they’ve made me eat my words. Buffalo will be a good test this week to see if they really are as legit as they seem.

  1. LA Chargers

Last Week: 20-23 loss vs KC

Trending: ↑3

Next Week: 9/27 vs CAR

The Chargers might have lost that game, but man, Justin Herbert looked pretty comfortable out there against the defending champs. The rookie made very few of the typical rookie mistakes, and should he start again next week, I bet he tears Carolina’s defense apart. They definitely should have gone for it on fourth down during the overtime period, though. 

  1. Houston Texans

Last Week: 16-33 loss vs BAL

Trending: ↓1

Next Week: 9/27 @ PIT

These poor Texans. First they get the defending champs. Then, they get the MVP. Now, they have to play a revitalized Big Ben and what might be the best defense in the NFL. Again, like last week, I can’t knock this team down too far because they easily have the hardest schedule to start the season, and Deshaun Watson is on this team running for his life trying to keep his team in games. The fact that this game was still relatively close going into the fourth quarter is amazing. 

  1. Minnesota Vikings

Last Week: 11-26 loss @ IND

Trending: ↓6

Next Week: 9/27 vs TEN

The only thing saving this team from falling into the 20s is the fact that the defense still played relatively decent, considering the circumstances. Three of Indy’s six scoring drives started in Minnesota territory, and Kirk Cousins was sacked for his second safety in as many weeks. There is still a world where Minnesota turns this thing around, but it requires Dalvin Cook being more involved in the offense, and Kirk Cousins at least being a game manager. As for this week, my hopes are low against Derrick Henry after Minnesota let Jonathan Taylor go for over 100 yards in his first career start.

  1. Chicago Bears

Last Week: 17-13 win vs NYG

Trending: ↑2

Next Week: 9/27 @ ATL

It’s been a tale of two halves to this point for Mitch Trubisky. Week one, he was terrible in the first half and great in the second. Last week, he was great in the first half, and then nearly blew the game in the second.  Still, the Bears are 2-0, and if there was ever a time for Mitch Trubisky to put together two good halves, it’s next week against a Falcons defense that has given up 78 points in its first two games. 

  1. Denver Broncos

Last Week: 21-26 loss @ PIT

Trending: —

Next Week: 9/27 vs TB

The Broncos are another team that could not leave week two healthy. With Phillip Lindsay and Courtland Sutton already out, Drew Lock left week two’s matchup with the Steelers and could miss some time. Now, we know Sutton is likely out for the year with his knee injury, and it leaves Jerry Jeudy as the number one option for this team. The Broncos took advantage of some Pittsburgh mistakes to stay in that game, and they will probably have to do the same against Tampa Bay. 

  1. Las Vegas Raiders

Last Week: 34-24 win vs NO

Trending: ↑4

Next Week: 9/27 

Josh Jacobs might have proven to us all that last week was not a fluke, and Darren Waller asserted himself in a dominant game against a Super Bowl contender. Jon Gruden lit a fire under his defense at halftime, and they showed out in the second half. The Raiders might be a sneaky playoff contender. 

  1. Atlanta Falcons

Last Week: 39-40 loss @ DAL

Trending: ↓4

 Next Week: 9/27 vs CHI 

This is the worst clock management team I have ever seen in my life. Altlanta consistently finds ways to let teams back into games that should be over, and Sunday was just the latest example of that. As a Saints fan, I can’t remember the last time I have been nervous for a Falcons matchup for that very reason. Don’t be surprised if the Bears come into town and beat them. 

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars

Last Week: 30-33 loss @ TEN

Trending: ↑2

Next Week: 9/27 vs MIA

Yeah, I really am moving the Jags up two spots despite a loss. If Minshew’s tipped pass doesn’t get intercepted, we might be talking about how Jacksonville is in sole possession of first place in the AFC South. Instead, this team is 1-1, and they are headed back home to what should be a win against the Dolphins.

  1. Cleveland Browns

Last Week: 35-30 win vs CIN

Trending: ↑3

Next Week: 9/27 vs WSH

Alright, maybe I was a little harsh to the Browns last week by dropping them eight spots after losing to the Ravens. The fact that this game was close to the end is still despicable though with how talented the roster is. Hopefully they don’t pull an Eagles against Washington this week. 

  1. Philadelphia Eagles

Last Week: 37-19 loss vs LAR

Trending: ↓3

Next Week: 9/27 vs CIN

Look, I thought this team was going to struggle this season given their injuries, and Carson Wentz’s recent history. I didn’t think they would be approaching the leagues basement by week two though. The Rams almost pulled a Falcons and gave up the lead after jumping out to a 21-3 lead early in the second. But, Wentz was Wentz, and the Eagles scored a measly three points in the second half. You can bet Joe Burrow is hungry for his first NFL win, and Philly might just let him get it. 

  1. Detroit Lions

Last Week: 21-42 loss @ GB

Trending: ↓3

Next Week: 9/27 @ AZ

The Lions have consistently struggled in Green Bay, and that continued on Sunday. Green Bay is now 24-3 against Detroit at home since 1994. With a road trip to Arizona coming up, this team might be doomed to start the year 0-3. 

  1. Cincinnati Bengals

Last Week: 30-35 loss @ CLE

Trending: ↑1

Next Week: 9/27 @ PHI

The run defense definitely got exposed against Cleveland this week, but that should happen to a lot of teams when you’re playing Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt. A.J. Green definitely doesn’t look like himself, but Joe Burrow definitely showed that he is not going to let this team die in any game. Don’t be surprised if they steal a win against Philly this week. 

  1. Miami Dolphins 

Last Week: 31-28 

Trending: ↓1

Next Week: 9/24 @ JAX

Miami managed to hang around against a much better Buffalo game, but like I said, this always happens in Miami during September. If it wasn’t going to be the Patriots this year, it had to be the Bills. I’m still just waiting for this team to decide to play Tua. 

  1. New York Giants

Last Week: 13-17 loss @ CHI

Trending: —

Next Week: 9/27 vs SF

The Giants stayed close against the Bears to the end, but they again could not pull out a last second drive. Combine that with Saquon Barkley being lost for the year, and this team is doomed to remain in the cellar. 

  1. Washington Football Team

Last Week: 15-30 loss @ AZ

Trending: —

Next Week: 9/27 @ CLE

The week one story was nice, but I don’t think anyone really expected this team to compete with the Cardinals. Dwayne Haskins still has not managed to put the pieces together in the NFL, and despite the defensive line being great, it is tough to contain a guy like Kyler Murray when he can scramble.

  1. Carolina Panthers

Last Week: 17-31 loss @ TB

Trending: —

Next Week: 9/27 @ LAC

The weapons Carolina has produced for Teddy Bridgewater in Robby Anderson and D.J. Moore have been sneaky good for the first two weeks. Bridgewater made some critical early mistakes though, and the injury bug has taken Christian McCaffrey out of play for the next few weeks. They might hang around for a while against the Chargers, but they probably lose again.

  1. New York Jets

Last Week: 13-31 loss vs SF

Trending: —

Next Week: 9/27 @ IND

The Jets basically played the entire second string of the Niners by the end of the game, and they never had a chance to win. I think it’s time to start questioning if Sam Darnold is truly the franchise quarterback that the Jets want. He has now thrown an interception or fewer than 250 yards in seven consecutive games going back to last year.

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