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If there’s one constant that we’ve learned in our over half-decade of covering the Vikings it’s that the social aspect fandom is a crucial part of Vikings fandom. Because of that, we’ve implemented more than just a Minnesota Vikings message board (although we have one, and it’s pretty snazzy).

It’s with that in mind that we’ve rolled out one of a kind social features on our network.

Dubbed ‘VikesGeist’, those features include:

Now all we need is YOU!

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Here are some current topics on the message board:

Someone has to Say It, Cousins is the franchise QB we’ve been waiting for

Wild Card Wrap – Vikings Top Saints

Each time you comment on an article, it shows up in the message board, as well!

For example:

The Vikings are Squandering their Super Bowl Window, the worst part? They don’t even know why [Scroll to the bottom]

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We’re looking for moderators, super fans and again… You!

Together we can build the best community in all of Vikingsland and create the type of online discussion that you’ve been looking for! We have ZERO tolerance for any sort of online bashing, abuse or trolling that can come from debating the purple and gold.

Sure, we can get passionate, but we’re all here because we have one major thing in common. That thing is that we all LOVE the Vikings, and so let’s create the Vikings social media network we’ve all been looking for!