Vikings Sign Former Packers Defensive End Datone Jones


Man. I said in my last piece (Which was the, like, tenth article of the day) that I love free agency because of all the news and all the possibilities. At this point, though, after writing an article per hour today, I may have to retract that.

I am writing so much because the Vikings are making moves left and right! According to Adam Schefter, the same feller that “broke” the Latavius Murray news earlier today, the Vikings have agreed to terms with former Packers defensive end Datone Jones…

Jones will be competing for playing time and a longer term contract with Sharrif Floyd come 2018. It’ll be interesting to see, however, where he ends up spending most of his time on the line. According to writer, Luke Braun, who I texted about this just now (To shed some light on our professionalism), this is what he said:

Jones means more to Brian Robison than Floyd (In regards to playing time). Jones played outside linebacker/edge in Green Bay and looks to be bulking up to move inside. People should expect Jones to play as much as Tom Johnson plays behind Linval Joseph. Essentially it’s a cheap insurance policy, in case Floyd ends up not being able to return to the field at some point this season. We discussed Floyd’s injury history on the purpleJOURNAL Podcast awhile back and I (Luke Braun) found that Floyd had a 20-25% chance of being injured, according to an equation that I drew up. So, Jones would be a ready replacement if/when that happens. 

Essentially he’s the Jeremiah Sirles of the defensive line (Someone who can fill in at multiple positions), but better.

So, this is a great depth/insurance move. Nothing more, but nothing less none the less.

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