Use Discount Code TCTWINS for a Free ONE YEAR Premium Membership!

Over the years we’ve searched and searched for the best ticket deal in town. While we felt like we were getting closer and closer, we were still constantly plagued by the same question from our readers. Why the fees so expensive?

For most standard ticket reselling sites, there’s an average fee of 20% per ticket. That means that if you buy five tickets, you’re essentially also paying for a sixth ticket that you don’t get.

We thought… There has to be a better way!

So after wandering the North Woods for six months and befriending a black bear we eventually named OlaBearsi Johnson, we found the answer!

That answer is!

TicketClub offers FEE FREE Tickets to all games/events/concerts/plays/bear mauling insurance around North America!

And because you guys are the best and they wanted access to the largest independent network of Vikings related content, they offered a pretty sweet deal.

12-months of their premium access for $0. That’s another way of saying you’ll get a year of ZERO fees to all events, for free. That typically costs $50 (or $0 in bear dollars, because bears don’t understand the concept of economics)!

Click Here and enter discount code SKOLptsd for that free year! There’s also no obligation to renew after the year and you’ll receive a discounted second year beyond that, paying $10-$20 depending on the membership.

What a steal!

Speaking of theft. Keep an eye out for OlaBearsi. He stole both my heart and my pic-a-nic basket.

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