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Playing a nearly perfect preseason has endeared QB Kyle Sloter to the Minnesota Vikings’ fanbase.  Will head coach Mike Zimmer defer to his popularity?

To repeat two well-worn urban adjectives, Vikings’ quarterback Kyle Sloter is playingstraight-up, lights-out football in the 2019 preseason.

In three games, the third-year man from Northern Colorado is now 23-for-27 for 280 yards and three touchdowns in three exhibition games.

Yeah, he’s got a near perfect QB rating.  The dude is 6’ 5”, plays best on third down, and seems as cool as cucumber soup when under pressure.

And yeah, his big numbers are against second and third string NFL defenses–but they’re also with second and third string offensive units.

Sure, Mike Zimmer has said things about him  like, “There are a lot of things he has to get better at if he (Sloter) wants to be the backup quarterback.”  

But has Zimmer seen the t-shirts being sold on the Internet?  They come in regular, sleeveless and hoodie!

Welcome To The Sloter House!

This type of grass-roots groundswell doesn’t happen very often.  Dramatically punching in winning touchdowns in this preseason after doing the same last year–?

It’s become obvious that this young quarterback is becoming a Favorite Son of the Twin Cities.  Ignoring that should be at his coach’s own popular peril.

Sean Mannion, in the “official” position above Sloter as Kirk Cousins’ understudy, hasn’t played badly during August–but that’s like saying that St. Louis Rams’ quarterback Trent Green didn’t play badly before he gave way to Kurt Warner in 1999!

Can Mike Zimmer and Kevin Stefanski see the light here?  How about the Wilf family?  

Kyle Sloter has gone viral.  A Twitter sensation.  A number one purple jersey with a bullet.

Isn’t it time to give the people what they want?

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