Vikes-Pack Game Wrap: Vikings Kick (and Pick) Away Another Win in Lambeau

Sep 16, 2018; Green Bay, WI, USA; Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins (8) looks to throw a pass under pressure from Minnesota Vikings safety George Iloka (23) during the first quarter at Lambeau Field. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports
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The games don’t much bigger in the second week of the season than the Minnesota Vikings versus Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. And this one did not disappoint—unless you are a Vikings fan. The Packers, thanks to unexpected 21-0 lead, held on for a 21-16 win and grabbed first place in the NFC North Division.

The Vikings had every opportunity to win this ballgame, despite early problems on defense and poor offensive play throughout. Instead, they drop a very valuable division game and now have to battle back into relevance in the North.

The Vikings are now 1-1 on the season with the Los Angeles Raiders coming to U.S. Bank Stadium next week. That’s a game they should win, but unless the quarterback starts to play better, they won’t beat anyone.


The game this week was shifted back to arm (and legs) of quarterback Kirk Cousins, and he surpassed his total of 10 passes against the Falcons with four minutes left in the second quarter—unfortunately that pass was tipped and picked. Cousins made one big play in the first half—a 61-yard completion to Chad Beebe when he was being tackled and falling down. But his numbers on the day (14 of 32 for one touchdown, two interceptions and a 52.9 quarterback rating) revealed just as bad a performance as it was. He missed some passes, was late in others and had some ball security issues (see below).

But the worst play was his decision to pass in the redzone to closely covered Stefon Diggs when the team was moving in to take the lead. Diggs was doubled covered, the pass came on first down and 10 from the 8-yard line the Vikings had been moving the ball with ease. Don’t call a pass there and throw it away in the situation. This one will sting for a bit among the fan base.

“You just can’t do that,” Cousins said, referring to his interception in the endzone.

For the second week in a row, Dalvin Cook carried the offense. He hit a home in the first half with a 75-yard blast for a touchdown. The Vikings rode him the rest of the way (with Alexander Mattison chipping in again), as he compiled 154 yard on 29 carries with that score. Cook is everything we knew we were missing when he has not been on the field. But he can’t do it alone. The offense needed better play out of the quarterback in this one; so, Cook’s stellar performance goes for naught this week.

Stefan Diggs got on the board—making his first catch of the game for a 45-yard touchdown (he had another catch and score called backed on a phantom offensive interference call). It was nice to see Diggs (or any receiver making hay after last week), but Diggs stained his excellent catch by taking off his helmet and jawing with the Green bay crowd. It cost the Vikings 15 yards and the extra point. We love him for his emotion, but only to a point. Get it together, Stef, please “celebrate” within the rules.

Worth Defending

In the first quarter/half, the Vikings defense put the team in a hole early. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers opened the game with a 4-play, 75-yard drive that shocked Zimmer and his charges. The second drive wasn’t much better. Then a Vikings turnover resulted in 21-0 deficit before all the Packers fans finished their first beverage (okay, third beverage). The defense then created a turnover of their own (resulting in no points) and followed that with a big third-down stop (three and out), and then another stop to stop the bleeding and change the momentum. But the damage in this one was done.

“We didn’t start fat enough, got down 21-0—it’s tough to win games like that,” Harrison Smith told KFAN radio. “We just didn’t execute like we should have the first couple of drives.”

From that point on the Vikings defense played lights out, again, holding the Packers scoreless on 11 consecutive drives. This was the defense that played for the Purple last week, but it was too little too late to help an offense that makes too many mistakes.

“Doesn’t matter how hard you fight when you do things like that,” head coach Mike Zimmer told KFAN radio of the team’s many mistakes.

Harrison Smith is the leader of the defense, kind of like Zim on the field. After the unit got off to a bad start, Smith made a couple consecutive plays (stripping a reception from Davante Adams and a tackle for a loss) to force a punt and begin the frustration of Rodgers. It helped fuel the defense to change the momentum. On the game, he had six tackles, one for a loss, a pass defended and a fumble recovery. Harry doesn’t always get the recognition he deserves, but he is always a part of the game, win, lose or draw—so we’ll give him a little love here.

Chad Beebe was frustrated last week without the opportunity to make play in the return game and the passing game almost non-existent. He changed things up this week with a big catch and run of 61-yards to set up a Vikings field goal. His speed was certainly in evidence, when he made a great move to help out his quarterback under duress and then raced past a pack of Green Bay defenders. It was one of the big plays that kept Minnesota in the game, but they needed to do more to come out with the win.

Should be Ending

Cousins fumbled on two consecutive plays in the first quarter. The team escaped with ball after the first fumble, but not the second—and it led to a virtually insurmountable 21-0 lead for the Packers. All teams fumble, but that was the fourth for Cousins in his first five quarter this season. If the Vikings want Cousins to be more active with his feet, they better work more with on ball security.

Pass interference penalties. The Vikings had 4-55 (three on offense and one on defense) in the first half and they helped destroy any momentum the offense had and served to keep the team in the hole they dug. On the game, the Vikings were penalized eight times for 100 yards and that coupled with the performance last week will make it penalties a huge emphasis for this team. They didn’t have the offsides infractions they suffered last week, so there is that small positive. But Zim won’t like care about that in practice this week.

A missed field goal in Lambeau. Dan Bailey’s 47-yard miss in the first quarter hurt the team, but brought up too many memories from last season in this matchup. Baily kicked an extra point but then missed another (although that was a 48-yard PAT thanks to Diggs—and it was blocked). But now we have to worry about the kicking game again? Definitely tired of writing that.

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    Joe Oberle
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    The games don’t much bigger in the second week of the season than the Minnesota Vikings versus Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. And this one did no
    [See the full post at: Vikings at Packers Game Wrap: Vikings Kick Away Another Win in Lambeau]

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    Nice read Joe and lost of things to think about ~ I have questions of my own ~

    I am starting to wonder if Zim has got into the heads of Kirk and Carlson and Bailey ~ Some players just do not do well if someone is in their face all the time ~ Kirk, has not looked like the same gunslinger I saw last year ~ It just seems so odd about the kicker and all the problems ~ Plus everyone in the sports media raved about what an upgrade Kirk was over Case ~ I have yet to see it ~ I wouldn’t be upset if they could find a way to bring Case back in 2020 {{{ I know that’s not likely to happen }}} and let him compete with Kirk for the starting job ~ I have little doubt if Case beat Kirk out then Kirk would be asking for a trade even though his contract has a no-trade clause in it ~ I’m sure he would ask to rework it because there is no way he would want to be seen setting on the bench for 16+ games ~ Its the only way I could see them being able to force Kirk out without just giving him 28 million for not being on the team~ The Vikings would also need to start looking for someone long term either in the draft of some young guy in FA ~ Case should be able to hold to fort down while some young guy learns ~ I’m not sold on any of the QB’s on the roster today ~ Am I over reacting with the early QB play ~Most likely ~Am I giving up on the team after 2 games ~ Hell not ~ LOL

    I’m not sure what to make of Zim after him not making the needed adjustments on defense until the team was down 21~0 it just doesn’t make sense why he couldn’t do it sooner ~ I love Zim and hope he gets this team turned around very soon ~ Starting with the Raiders Sunday ~

    I would also ask about Stefanski and his offensive scheme that has been great on the ground but very hit and miss in the passing game ~ I remember Stefanski saying he was going to take bits and pieces of all the offenses he had coached in when designing his playbook ~ And in the first two weeks Zim has talked about miscommunication on offense, & frustration with penalties in both of their games ~

    I mean who can forget the two plays by Beebe in the preseason that stood out to everyone as he looked lost about where he should have been that lead to a pick 6 for Mannion one week and the next they just got lucky the DB wasn’t close enough to make a play on the ball ~ And Beebe wasn’t the olny one who looked lost at times ~ Kirk and all the receiver have looked off just enough to make me question if the playbook is just too complicated so early in the season ~ It also makes me very happy that Zim didn’t just hand to key to the offense over Stefanski without a backup plan ~ And if the offense doesn’t start to pick up very soon I could see Gary Kubiak taking over because everyone on the staff is looking for new contracts and that includes Klint Kubiak ~ So Daddy Kubiak has some incentive to push the issue of the job Stefanski is doing ~ Hopefully it doesn’t come to that ~ But for it not to take place Stefanski needs to start making needed adjustments this week ~ A 1~2 start might be just enough to start a push that could cost him his job ~

    JMHO ~ As always remember I know just enough to get us all in trouble ~


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    Joe Oberle
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    KC played a very bad game on Sunday. He had a very bad one last year against the Bills. He also had some very good ones–Rams, Packers, others. He will bounce back. What is strange to me is that with this great run game supporting him that this is happening. But he will figure it out.

    You make a good point on Zim getting in his head. None of this stuff is automatic. They are human. There is also another team involved and the Packers have a good defense. Zim is old school and very intense. The kind of coach you want to do well for but maybe not out of fear. Today’s millionaire athletes, perhaps, just don’t respond to that like players of the past did. I don’t know. You hear that Zim’s players love him, but this something worth thinking about.

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    IF he bounces back and Cook stays healthy, the Vikings can get to the playoffs. It’s that simple. I think Diggs is struggling with his hamstring. No separation last week. Even the TD catch would have been swapped away by Alexander if he had listened to coaches about playing his position and not trying to get on a highlight reel with a basket pick.

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