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It’s incredible to think that it is already the month of July. We are only one month away from preseason football. Camps are underway, and we are starting to get a good feel who will be the number-one and number-two guy at each position. This is going to be an exciting NFL season. And following the Vikings just got easier.

Introducing OddsMarket, a brand-new site that makes following historical data and betting odds for your favorite teams more accessible than ever before. OddsMarket combines a customizable user interface with easy to use tools that will make not only following specific data on the Vikings easier, but the Twins, the Wild, and the Timberwolves as well.

Live Odds are Key
I just visited OddsMarket, and within a few seconds I knew exactly what Las Vegas and all the top online sites think of the Purple People Eaters’ probabilities. All you have to do is hover over the header and select ‘Betting Resources’ and then select ‘Outrights.’ After this, you’ll be prompted for the Sport, Country, and League that you want to see results for.

OddsMarket shows me that the Vikings are expected to win more than ten games this season. Well, the line is at OVER/UNDER 10. But there is a little more juice (less return) on the Vikings going over that number. But what about the rest of the division? Green Bay is also listed at ten wins, but their odds favored them going under (just slightly). The Lions are even at just 7.5 wins. So, even though Stafford is now on the list of highest paid QBs ever … Las Vegas doesn’t think he’s Super Man. And the lowly Bears are all the down at 6.5 wins. So we see, that the Vikings are at the top of the division.

But sometimes there are soft spots, so let’s change the parameters and see the Viking’s probability of winning the NFC North. When we change the market to ‘To Win Division,’ we see that the Vikings opened as at +120 to win the NFC North, trailed by the Packers at +150, then the Lions, and Lastly the Bears. But with all the offseason moves, the Packers have pulled up right next to the Vikings on the odds board to win the division. Some sportsbooks still have Thunder and Plunder favored, but the gap has narrowed.

Most sites with this type of ‘Futures’ information are static. So, you might not be getting the most current odds. You might be asking yourself why this is important. Well, the Vikings at +115 implies that their probability to win the division is 46.5%. The Packers at +150 would mean that they have a 40% chance. If they pull up even, with the Vikings, it means that in the minds of the money-movers, the Packers have gotten roughly 6.5% better over the offseason. This is why it is important to get odds in real time. They are directly related to probability.

So, When we look at the Lions and Bears down in the 12% range, we know that 2018 is a two-horse race between the Vikings and the Packers.

Odds For Fantasy
You can also easily look up matchup odds on the individual games. This comes in handy for your League Play and DFS. Vegas almost always get information before the rest of us. So if you see a betting line change direction or the juice plummet, it could mean that something happened that is worth investigating. Perhaps a player or coach is suddenly out on personal leave; there was an injury, etc. Staying ahead of this allows you to understand the landscape before the general public and make your moves before the markets adjust.

OddsMarket has a plethora of great tools: an odds and probability calculator, an events calculator that lets you find information on any game/sport around the world, and a bet ticket tracker that will do all of the net win/net loss math for you. The latter is a powerful tool for those who like to throw a few bucks down on the occasional game. So Vikings fans, make sure to check out our latest edition of The Purple Journal Podcast for the latest pre-season news along with OddsMarket and make this your best season in recent years!