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As some of you may know by now, we launched our message board/social media/live chat network (which we are tentatively calling ‘VikesGeist’ a la Zeitgeist, which is a German word meaning either “Crushing depression and apathy brought on from over fifty-years of missed opportunities solely from a football team” or “The Defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time”) recently.

VikesGeist is pretty comprehensive and has a few different features for different times/situations so before we get into the top three posts in the message board, let’s acclimate you with VikesGeist and how it works!

1) The Social Media Arm

It’s not a stretch to say that we have social media software built into our network. Those features consist of a global activity wall, that looks and functions a lot like Twitter (posting your activity/thoughts, trending hashtags, posting pictures, etc.) and also allows for embedding and integration of other sites like Instagram, Vimeo and YouTube.

You can also follow people and add followers and friends as well!
From there you can also PM people either through your account or through the live chat section (see below).

You can also customize your profile with a background image, an avatar, a bio, and even photo albums! Click Here to see a fully finished profile (mine!).

There are also groups, that can be created by and populated by users.

Click here for the groups we have thus far!

Click here to see the global activity wall.

Click here to see the member directory as well (we have nearly 900 active users as of the writing of this article!

2) The Message Board

When it comes to interacting with other Vikings fans online, I’m sure you’re used to how message boards work.

Our message board is pretty cut and dry, but is a bit different than most boards in terms of how it looks and operates.

You’ll be able to create a new topic on each forum by scrolling underneath the topics and entering a subject and then post content. You can post links to other stories and most of those stories will be automatically added with an image, preview and link to the entire piece.

On purplePTSD you can also simply comment on articles as each post is automatically posted on the board, and the comments will show up as comments in the board! So stroll under each article and you’ll see the board embedded in each post!

You can also post links to Twitter/Facebook/YouTube/etc. and those will also automatically embed into the story.

Click here for an example of a post!

Also, keep an eye on the right-hand side of the forum pages, as you’ll see a lot of controls and functions there!

3) The Live Chat

As some of you know that have spent time on message boards or even sites like Reddit, message boards aren’t really the best place to discuss live events (as there’s a lot of refreshing needed, and sites like Reddit don’t post comments chronologically but rather in terms of what is most popular).
That’s where our live chat comes in!

As you’ll see on the bottom left, there’s a chat function that follows you essentially everywhere you go on both sites. There are different rooms (public chat and a room for the latest or next big Vikings event (ie Falcons @ Vikings)) and also a list of whoever is online. From there, you’ll be able to click on each individual user and chat with them directly!

We also embed the chat room into an article/message board post each week so you can either chat on a static page or chat while commenting in groups/the message board!

That’s the cut-and-dry of our new features! Hopefully, you’ll take a second and create an account, which is free and takes about 2-seconds (especially if you sign-up via your Facebook account (we’re adding Twitter to that soon, as well!). Otherwise you can sign up via your name and email address, however, we don’t require email validation so it shouldn’t take more than 10-seconds to create an account the traditional way!

Let’s take a look at the top 3 Message Board topics for the week, too, so you have a place to start when you’ve made it through this article!

  1. Breaking Down the Offensive Roster
  2. Will Zimmer & Company Continue their Dominance over Julio?
  3. Thoughts on the Initial 53-Man Roster
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      As some of you may know by now, we launched our message board/social media/live chat network (which we are tentatively calling ‘VikesGeist’ a la Zeitg
      [See the full post at: Top 3 VikesGeist Message Board Topics for the Week of the 1st!]

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      We look forward to chatting with you all this season!

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      Join us!

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      Great topics! I’m really looking forward to this season.

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