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Down the road, when we look back at this time it will be remembered more for the whole world being shut down by a virus called Corona then it will be for the end of the marriage between Stefon Diggs and the Minnesota Vikings. Yes. Stefon Diggs is on his way to Buffalo and the Vikings very well could be in rebuild mode.

Yes. One of the most popular Vikings, at least in recent memory, leaving is somewhat shocking. So, let’s take a look at Diggs’ story before he is out of our lives forever (or at least until the league schedules the 2021 season Vikings v. Bills season opener (Worst. Ratings. Ever)).

In high school, Diggs was both the five-star recruit and was also ranked as the second best wideout in the nation. Surprisingly, though, he found his way to The University of Maryland for his college ball. The local hero stayed home and turned down schools like Florida and USC. 

Then the Vikings took Diggs in the fifth-round of the 2015 NFL Draft and soon would see what Stefon would bring to the team. First up? Passion, that is what I always think of when it comes to Diggs. His passion to his craft, whether it was the extra time in the meeting room(s), or tapping the veterans for their advice on being a professional athlete. It was that passion that lead Diggs to becoming a starter midway during his rookie season, and he never looked back. 

I loved Diggs from the beginning. Glimpses of his big play ability were there and the speed to outrun defenders was there too. Vikings nation really got behind the rookie, and after his first season he made the Pro Football Writers of America’s All Rookie Team. 

The budding star racked up 720 yards on 52 catches, with 4 touchdowns.  Over the course of the next few years Diggs became an elite receiver with Minnesota, making amazing catches, playing with the attitude that he was the best receiver in the league. 

Stefon became a headache for defensive coordinators, all the while becoming one of the most popular Vikings in recent memory. With big-time performances against some of the best defenses in the NFL, Stefon Diggs became a household name to all NFL fans, and with that catch which became known as the Minneapolis Miracle.

It was that play that ensured that Diggs will always be remembered in the annals of Vikings history.  And that’s why I am bummed out, as I was a huge fan of his, and can’t help but think what he could’ve accomplished had he stayed here.

This past season; I think he wasn’t happy playing with Cousins, and yes, it’s obvious that he wanted out.  And when he decided he wanted out, well what were the Vikings to do?

Even with that, though, I will really miss him, this past season we saw for the first time him really making his anger known.  I think he and his buddy Adam Thielen, the 1B to Diggs’ 1B of that lethal duo that was torching the league, both made their feelings known while the team struggled.  

And that’s why this sucks, but it’s the NFL and Diggs is off to Buffalo.  I wish him well, except against our Vikings of course.

The Stats for Stefon Diggs for his five seasons in Minnesota 365 receptions, 4,623 yards, 30  touchdowns

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