The Aaron Rodgers Ordeal Continues as NFL Investigates

Rodgers Wonnum
Nov 1, 2020; Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA; Minnesota Vikings defensive end D.J. Wonnum (98) causes Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) to fumble during the fourth quarter at Lambeau Field. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

It would take very little effort to convince Vikings fans (and perhaps other NFL fans) to be upset with Aaron Rodgers. He is a supremely talented athlete, a QB who makes nearly everything look effortless. The problem, of course, is that Rodgers knows exactly how good he is. He has always come across as being arrogant and condescending. Toss together unbelievable skill, arrogance, and a cheese block atop his head and it’s easy to see why so many Vikings fans dislike him. Heck, I don’t like him. I’m ready for the Jordan Love era to start.

The most recent news with Aaron Rodgers involves the NFL investigating his effort to ignore the rules about Covid-19 vaccines. According to PFT, Rodgers could be suspended if he continues to defy NFL rules: “Rodgers can be suspended for COVID protocol violations that occur after he returns, and the Packers could eventually lose a draft pick for recurring failures to enforce the rules, if Rodgers keeps breaking them.” PFT further clarifies that the NFL is investigating his wrongdoing: “The NFL is investigating Rodgers for violating COVID protocols and the Packers for not enforcing those protocols, but for only fines are on the table for any violations that already have occurred; the league is focusing on whether Rodgers wore a mask as required in the building, along with his attendance at the team’s Halloween part[y].”

Am I an expert on vaccines, public health, and pandemics? By no means; I am a mere football writer, so let’s keep things to football. Aaron Rodgers plays for the NFL. The NFL has rules for players who aren’t vaccinated. Several Minnesota Vikings were criticized for their refusal to get vaccinated, but at least they didn’t lie to everyone. Rodgers both lied and then defied.

As we all know, star quarterbacks get different treatment from the NFL. We see it every week when a mid-tier QB gets clobbered late without a yellow flag soaring through the air. We see it the week after when a defender high-fives Tom Brady too hard, resulting in an unnecessary roughness penalty and possible suspension. Who knows how the NFL will address this issue with Rodgers, one of the greatest players to step onto the football field.

Let’s just hope for more Jordan Love.