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  1. L.A. Rams: I picked this team to lose this week because the pass game would slow down, and it would be a defensive struggle, but I forgot about Gurley and all the STUDS on the defense.
  2. New England Patriots: At the beginning of the year, the Patriots issue was a lack of playmakers on offense, and honestly, they looked to have just as many as the Chiefs.
  3. Kansas City Chiefs: Even though they lost, they were one forced punt away from a win in New England, and they made a large comeback. Impressive.
  4. Minnesota Vikings: The past two weeks the Vikings defense has given up 21-points (7 in garbage time) and then 17-points (7 were from a defensive touchdown), so can we say this defense is back on track?
  5. New Orleans Saints: This team’s defense has been bad this year, but the offense has been elite and added a weapon in Mark Ingraham.
  6. Philadelphia Eagles: The concern on this team was the offense early on, and the offense came out and blew out the Giants in New York.
  7. Chicago Bears: If the pass rush doesn’t get home, the team won’t win much because they have to rely on Trubisky.
  8. Baltimore Ravens: I like this team, and I like how they match up with the other team’s in their division, but they seem to be inconsistent on offense in a league where offense seems to be prevailing.
  9. Carolina Panthers: This team could be at #16 next week or back in the top 5 depending on their game against Philly, but so far, they’ve been a very solid team.
  10. L.A. Chargers: This team might start to heat up now as the weather gets cold and they get healthy, and they might just live up to the lofty expectations set for them.
  11. Pittsburgh Steelers: The Steelers won a big game on Sunday, but I still have worries about their defense going forward.
  12. Jacksonville Jaguars: Jalen Ramsey isn’t doing too much talking after that blowout, because of all the quarterbacks he called trash, he forgot to mention Blake Bortles amongst them.
  13. Cincinnati Bengals: This team just needs to show up in ONE big time game and I’d think more of them, because Mixon is good, Green is good, Boyd is good, and the defense is average enough to win.
  14. Green Bay Packers: The Packers are going to contend for the division all season, but when you play CJ Beathard and the banged-up 49ers in Lambeau, and you have to win with a walk-off kick, I’m going to move you down a few spots.
  15. Houston Texans: The Texans very well may win their division, and they might be a threat with their defense and Desean Watson’s elusive, big-play ability.
  16. Dallas Cowboys: The Cowboys should let Dak run more, because they could win their division this year and make noise in the post season with their defense and run game.
  17. Denver Broncos: The Broncos are winning and losing a lot of close games, which is a sign that they are close to being a good team, but they just aren’t there yet. BONUS: Two of their three losses were to undefeated teams favored to make the Super Bowl. Don’t count them out.
  18. Washington Redskins: This team is great one week and terrible the next, so I have them low even though they might win their division.
  19. Miami Dolphins: Thank you Brock! This team is also inconsistent, and I don’t think Tannehill is the answer that will solve this team’s issue.
  20. Atlanta Falcons: They won, but again their defense looks terrible and they can’t just outshoot everyone.
  21. Tennessee Titans: This team, like the Ravens and the Redskins, is incredibly inconsistent, and you can’t be a serious threat if you never know what team will show up.
  22. Seattle Seahawks: They got a blowout against maybe the worst team in the league, so I’m not incredibly impressed.
  23. Detroit Lions: The Lions used to have the 2nd best quarterback in the division. Used to.
  24. New York Jets: They have shown signs that next season, they might compete for their division, and that isn’t an insult since their starting a rookie quarterback.
  25. San Francisco 49ers: They aren’t going to be good without Jimmy GQ, but they put up one heck of a fight against the Packers.
  26. Cleveland Browns: Another super inconsistent team that has a great defense one week and a trash defense the next, and that isn’t a good situation for Baker Mayfield to develop in.
  27. Buffalo Bills: They had a shot in this game until Peterman came in and instantly threw two INTs to seal the game.
  28. Indianapolis Colts: Andrew Luck can’t do everything, and maybe he still has some rust from not playing in a year and a half.  
  29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: No defense, below average quarterback, below average run game, but hey FitzMagic was super fun.
  30. Oakland Raiders: They could go 1-15 and I still won’t say Gruden was a mistake, give him time.
  31. Arizona Cardinals: They aren’t using David Johnson and their defense has looked awful, so get a new offensive coordinator and draft Ed Oliver to help the run defense.
  32. New York Giants: No offense, defense is getting shredded, but I drafted Barkley in one of my fantasy leagues and he has been a STUD.
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