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  1. New Orleans Saints: The Saints defense is looking great again, and with the offensive firepower this team has, I don’t think anyone is going to stop them.
  2. L.A. Rams: This team should be doing what the Saints are doing, but their defense hasn’t showed up much this year and I don’t know what could change that fact.
  3. Kansas City Chiefs: This team was so close to beating the Patriots and the Rams, but they just couldn’t get it done, and I think they will be close in the playoffs but fall short again.
  4. Houston Texans: Yeah Desean Watson and the Texans are a serious threat, and they might end up with a bye week come January.
  5. New England Patriots: The Patriots get Gronk back, and that’s just another weapon for Brady to use in this offense.
  6. L.A. Chargers: Wow this team was pissed off about that loss to Denver last week.
  7. Chicago Bears: Trubisky is Chase Daniels, but with more mobility.
  8. Dallas Cowboys: This is the Cowboys’ division to win or lose, and with the defense an run game playing at the level they are, I think they will win it.
  9. Minnesota Vikings: If the offense can play the way it played last night, the division may not be out of the question.
  10. Indianapolis Colts: Andrew Luck is back, and he is looking for a dang ring.
  11. Pittsburgh Steelers: This team worries me because they are struggling against good defenses and when they play in January, they will have to play good defenses.
  12. Seattle Seahawks: This team is eyeing a showdown with Minnesota for a wild card spot.
  13. Green Bay Packers: Aaron Rodgers has lost games for the Packers this season, whether it be by missing wide open guys or getting hurt.
  14. Denver Broncos: The Broncos have knocked off the Chargers and the Steelers, so maybe they could make some noise as a wild card?
  15. Carolina Panthers: We are witnessing a total and complete collapse of the Panthers.
  16. Cleveland Browns: Baker Mayfield looks more like Aaron Rodgers than Rodgers does nowadays.
  17. Baltimore Ravens: Welcome to the NFL, Lamar Jackson! Also, this is a playoff team at the moment? Who knew!
  18. Tennessee Titans: The Titans were playing well, but they are going to be an eight win team and miss out on the playoffs.
  19. Washington Redskins: Redskins fans loved talking crap about Kirk Cousins before the year, but I bet you miss him now, don’t you?
  20. Detroit Lions: Poor Detroit, you are now the worst team in the division.
  21. Philadelphia Eagles: They can still win the division ,if they win out and get some help from Dallas.
  22. Atlanta Falcons: They were over hyped by the media, and injuries have destroyed their season.
  23. Cincinnati Bengals: The Bengals will now be led by Jeff Driskel, who may be a step up from Andy Dalton.
  24. Buffalo Bills: THE BILLS WON! WOOO!
  25. Jacksonville Jaguars: The Jags are starting a new quarterback, meaning last year was a fluke.
  26. Miami Dolphins: The Dolphins had a chance to win a game this week and stay in wildcard positioning, but they lost because they aren’t that good.
  27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: They need a complete overhaul of this team.
  28. New York Giants: They played a good game against the Eagles, but just couldn’t hold them off long enough, so again I will scream, RETIRE ELI!
  29. Arizona Cardinals: Let me apologize for the NFL schedule makers for making you play the Chargers, I’m sure they didn’t know they’d be this pissed off.
  30. San Francisco 49ers: The 49ers will get a high draft pick to add a key piece to the Jimmy G lead team, next season.
  31. Oakland Raiders: They are in the middle of a complete overhaul of the team.
  32. New York Jets: This team is a few years away, but maybe they can be good when Brady is gone.
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      New Orleans Saints: The Saints defense is looking great again, and with the offensive firepower this team has, I don’t think anyone is going to stop t
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