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The NFL playoff races are starting to take shape, and this week included more great divisional matchups. The week kicked off with a fun matchup between Seattle and Arizona while Sunday night included another intense game between the Chiefs and Raiders. 

Thanksgiving week is an iconic one for the NFL season, and while the day games aren’t as promising, the Thanksgiving nightcap should be a great game between Pittsburgh and Baltimore. Let’s take a look at where each team stands going into the week. 

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers
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Last Week: 27-3 win @ JAX

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Next Week: 11/26 vs BAL

We’ve come to expect this type of game out of Pittsburgh. The Steelers dominated on both sides of the ball and cruised to their tenth victory. Chase Claypool also caught his 10th touchdown of the season. It’s a short turnaround for this team; though, as they prepare for Baltimore on Thanksgiving night. 

  1. New Orleans Saints

Last Week: 24-9 win vs ATL

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Next Week: 11/29 @ DEN

This was about as good an opening for Taysom Hill as Saints fans could have hoped for. In his first start, Hill was accurate and made a few deep passes that New Orleans hasn’t been able to run with Drew Brees over the past couple seasons. Not to mention, the defense was spectacular. Atlanta was held to negative yardage for a good portion of the second half. 

  1. Kansas City Chiefs

Last Week: 35-31 win @ LV

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Next Week: 11/29 @ TB

The Chiefs’ offense is still alive and well. Patrick Mahomes is probably the lead candidate for MVP at this point, and he showed why with his surgical last-minute touchdown drive. He went 6/7 for 75 yards and scored in just over a minute of game time. They get a big test next week against Tampa Bay’s defense on the road. 

  1. Buffalo Bills

Last Week: Bye

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Next Week: 11/29 vs LAC

Buffalo has to feel good after watching both Miami and New England lose this week. They got to enjoy a bye, and they will begin the home stretch of their season with a matchup against the Chargers.

  1. Seattle Seahawks

Last Week: 28-21 win vs ARI

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Next Week: 11/30 @ PHI

Russell Wilson showed that even when he gets just a little bit of help, he will get the job done. The defense stepped up big against Arizona’s dynamic offense, and Carlos Hyde’s return bolstered the running game. The game felt a little bit like the old Legion of Boom Seahawks from Wilson’s first years in the league. Seattle gets an extra long break after their Thursday night win as they are playing in prime time once again, but this time on Monday Night Football.

  1. Arizona Cardinals

Last Week: 21-28 loss @ SEA

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Next Week: 11/29 @ NE

Arizona is still a really good team, and Kyler Murray is still a really good quarterback. They just happened to run into a Seattle that was firing on all cylinders. Fewer penalties would’ve helped the cause a little bit, as the Cardinals committed 10 penalties on Thursday. In the end, they just lost to a good team that might be unbeatable when they play like they did. 

  1. Las Vegas Raiders

Last Week: 31-35 loss vs KC

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Next Week: 11/29 @ ATL

The Raiders definitely proved that their win in Arrowhead was not a fluke. This team is for real, and Derek Carr looks so much more comfortable than he has at any point in his career. Combining that with a defense that can make big plays, and the Raiders should absolutely be taken seriously as a contender. They also have the easiest remaining schedule in the AFC that begins against Atlanta. 

  1. Indianapolis Colts

Last Week: 34-31 win vs GB

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Next Week: 11/29 vs TEN

Even though the Colts did just about everything they could to lose that game down the stretch, they somehow managed to pull out a victory against Green Bay. Their running game was extremely effective once again which led to lots of time on the field for the offense. The defense forced some key turnovers as well, including Marquez Valdes-Scantling’s fumble at the beginning of overtime. 

  1. Tennessee Titans

Last Week: 30-24 win @ BAL

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Next Week: 11/29 @ IND

Derrick Henry quite literally carried the Titans to this week’s win against the Ravens. He is quickly proving to be the Ravens’ kryptonite. After beating Baltimore in last year’s divisional round, Tennessee did it again on Sunday. Next week, Tennessee travels to Indianapolis to face another great defense in a game that could prove to be the deciding factor in the AFC South. 

  1. Los Angeles Rams

Last Week: 27-24 win @ TB

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Next Week: 11/29 vs SF

The Rams did a great job of getting pressure on Tom Brady all night long, and they forced him into some bad throws. One of these bad throws happened to be the game sealing interception. There are still question marks in Los Angeles, but they are a very strong team right now. 

  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Last Week: 24-27 loss vs LAR

Trending: ↓4

Next Week: 11/29 vs KC

We’ve spent all year talking about Drew Brees’ arm strength being gone, but are we finally going to talk about the fact that Tom Brady was completely ineffective on any throw over 15 yards? The Buccaneers have looked discombobulated the past few weeks, and things don’t get any easier against the Chiefs this week. 

  1. Green Bay Packers

Last Week: 31-34 loss @ IND

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Next Week: 11/29 vs CHI

Green Bay should have had this game wrapped up at halftime. They were up 28-14 going into the break, but then both the offense and defense just couldn’t get anything right. There is plenty of blame to go around between missed tackles, bad Aaron Rodgers clock management, horrible play calling, and the worst of all, Marquez Valdes-Scantling’s overtime fumble. This loss especially hurts because it cost them the number one seed. 

  1. Baltimore Ravens

Last Week: 24-30 loss vs TEN

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Next Week: 11/26 @ PIT

It might be time to start considering the possibility that this just isn’t Baltimore’s year. The Raven’s desperately needed to get a win against a struggling Tennessee team. It seemed like it was going to happen, too. Baltimore went up 21-10 in the third, and on their last drive, they had the ball on the 10 and just needed to punch it into the endzone to end the game. The problem is, Lamar Jackson has no reliable passing option other than Mark Andrews. Tennessee doubled him up and forced Jackson to force throws to Snead and Brown, but neither is a true WR1. 

  1. New York Giants

Last Week: Bye

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Next Week: 11/29 @ CIN

The Giants have to be the choice to win the NFC East at this point, right? Philly’s schedule is much more difficult. As long as the Giants can just manage to play average defense, they should get a home game against Tom Brady, and that is something everyone should be rooting for.

  1. Cleveland Browns

Last Week: 22-17 win vs PHI

Trending: ↑3

Next Week: 11/29 @ JAX

Does anyone remember the last time Cleveland played a game in nice weather? Once again, it was a cold, rainy day for Browns football. It definitely works to their advantage, though. Cleveland is at their best when they can just pound the ball with Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt, chew clock, and let their defense take care of the rest. It happened again this week against Philly; expect it to keep happening against Jacksonville. 

  1. Miami Dolphins

Last Week: 13-20 loss @ DEN

Trending: ↓7

Next Week: 11/29 @ NYJ

The story of this game was Tua’s benching in the third quarter. It honestly makes sense because he was sacked six times. After seeing Joe Burrow go down, you have to get your young quarterback out of that game before he gets hurt. The Dolphins might have lost their chance at the playoffs given their remaining schedule, but Miami fans still have a lot to feel good about. 

  1. Chicago Bears

Last Week: Bye

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Next Week: 11/29 @ GB

Chicago should be rested for this week against Green Bay. This might be a trap game for Green Bay because the Bears have to go into this game with a “must win” mentality. Then again, Nick Foles is still the quarterback. 

  1. Carolina Panthers

Last Week: 20-0 win vs DET
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Next Week: 11/29 @ MIN

Carolina’s defense pitched a perfect game on Sunday for the first time since 2015. It’s even more impressive considering the offense turned the ball over twice. They didn’t let Detroit to get anything going on the ground, allowing just 40 rushing yards. Next week is a big test against Dalvin Cook and the Minnesota offense.

  1. San Francisco 49ers

Last Week: Bye

Trending: ↑4

Next Week: 11/29 @ LAR

The Niners will be welcomed from their bye with a matchup against divisional rival Los Angeles. San Francisco has beaten this team once already but need this one as well to keep any hope of a wild card spot. 

  1. Houston Texans 

Last Week: 27-20 win vs NE

Trending: ↑3

Next Week: 11/26 @ DET

Deshaun Watson was incredible in this week’s win against New England. He tossed 344 yards and scored three touchdowns. The defense also did a great job of stopping New England’s rush attack, allowing just 86 yards. The most impressive feat in this was Houston’s ability to contain Cam Newton, who rushed just three times for six yards. 

  1. New England Patriots

Last Week: 20-27 loss @ HOU

Trending: ↓5

Next Week: 11/29 vs ARI

In a good passing game from Newton, the Patriots came up just short on their final drive of the fourth quarter. Newton’s 4th-and-4 pass was broken up, and that all but ended New England’s chances. 

  1. Los Angeles Chargers 

Last Week: 34-28 win vs NYJ

Trending: ↑3

Next Week: 11/29 @ BUF

I’ll be honest, it really felt like the Chargers were going to Charger again on Sunday. The Jets came roaring back into this game, but LA’s defense finally figured out if they rushed Joe Flacco, he’d crumble under the pressure. 

  1. Denver Broncos

Last Week: 20-13 win vs MIA

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Next Week: 11/29 vs NO

Denver’s defense did a great job of dominating Miami’s offensive line. The Dolphins had a good first quarter drive, but the Broncos shut down everything else for the remainder of the game. Melvin Gordon and Phillip Lindsay also had great games which allowed Denver’s offense to be productive.

  1. Minnesota Vikings 

Last Week: 28-31 loss vs DAL

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Next Week: 11/29 vs CAR

It really felt like if one or two plays broke the Vikings’ way, they would have won this game. Dalvin Cook’s fumble was unfortunate, and a couple bad penalties badly hurt their chances.

  1. Washington Football Team

Last Week: 20-9 win vs CIN

Trending: ↑1

Next Week: 11/26 @ DAL

Washington’s defense is really coming into form right now. They played great in this game. Unfortunately, their pass rush cost Joe Burrow the rest of his spectacular rookie season; however, from a football perspective, they are not a team to be taken lightly at this point. 

  1. Cincinnati Bengals

Last Week: 9-20 loss @ WSH

Trending: ↓6

Next Week: 11/29 vs NYG

The Bengals have no one to blame but themselves. Their refusal to provide Joe Burrow with an offensive line cost him the rest of this season, and quite possibly, part of next year. Hopefully, they take it as a lesson to invest in that part of their team this offseason. 

  1. Detroit Lions 

Last Week: 0-20 loss @ CAR

Trending: ↓3

Next Week: 11/26 vs HOU

It’s really hard to defend why Matt Patricia still has this job. Carolina’s defense has been bad all season, but somehow Detroit managed to get shut out. Good thing we get to see them again featured on Thanksgiving.

  1. Dallas Cowboys

Last Week: 31-28 win @ MIN

Trending: ↑3

Next Week: 11/26 vs WSH

Dallas made some big plays on the way to their win in Minnesota. Ezekiel Elliott finally found a role in the offense which revived a dying team. Suddenly, they find themselves half a game out of the division lead.

  1. Philadelphia Eagles

Last Week: 17-22 loss @ CLE

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Next Week: 11/30 vs SEA

I mean, is it time to think about starting Jalen Hurts? Carson Wentz was horrible once again; throwing another pick six. He now has more interceptions than touchdown passes while having a very talented roster around him. They also have the most difficult schedule in the division, so their path to the playoffs seems bleak at this point.

  1. Atlanta Falcons

Last Week: 9-24 loss @ NO

Trending: ↓2

Next Week: 11/29 vs LV

The Falcons offensive line was absolutely horrible on Sunday. They gave up eight sacks during the loss in New Orleans. The defense was bad, too. Taysom Hill might just be a good quarterback, but he shouldn’t have been able to make it look this easy in his first career start. 

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars

Last Week: 3-27 loss vs PIT

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Next Week: 11/29 vs CLE

James Robinson is the only bright spot on this Jacksonville team. Jake Luton was atrocious on his way to four interceptions. The defense didn’t stand a chance against Pittsburgh’s offense either. Expect another ugly game against Cleveland.

  1. New York Jets

Last Week: 28-34 loss @ LAC

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Next Week: 11/29 vs MIA

The Chargers’ curse couldn’t even help the Jets win a game.

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