Matt Kalil Deleted His Twitter After Vikes Fans Harassed Him “Left and Right” [Video]


The fact that Matt Kalil is no longer a Viking came as a sigh of relief for many Vikings fans (And, I’m guessing Sam Bradford, ayo!) this month, as he’s had a mostly disappointing career as the Vikings left tackle and highest draft pick in recent memory (After his amazing rookie campaign). Apparently, he’s just as relieved to have left, as he was tormented online by Vikings fans about his poor play. According to the man himself on an episode of the Rich Eisen show, where he appeared with his older brother, Slappy (I forgot his name, as it’s early and I am not a morning person, so I’m just guessing that’s what it is). You can catch his appearance below:


Poor Matt!

Now, I don’t advocate for any person to get “cyber-bullied”, especially millionaire’s who let me down on a weekly basis in the fall-early winter. But, the simple solution would’ve been for Kalil to simply play better. Seriously though, what happened to “Minnesota Nice”? I know that the internet allows people to (mostly) anonymously vent and that people do put a lot of stock into the game itself, I mean, I created an entire website about it. But, attacking the man on social media is a bit much and that’s coming from someone who has questioning living after the Vikings fell to the Cardinals on the famed Paul Allen “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” game against the Arizona Cardinals back while I was in college.

So, lay off the players on Facebook/Twitter, etc. and do what I do, talk crap about them on message boards.

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