Lions start complaining about Rhodes, cheating EARLY this time.


God. The Lions suck.

I don’t mean that in the typical, “Hey, way to be the only team that has ever gone 0-16” sort of way, but rather in the they also now suck because they whine about phantom reasons for their suckery.


Case in point. Golden Tate the Earl of Mediocrity complained heavily after the Vikings destroyed them in week 2. Saying that we were basically cheating, hitting late, getting handsy. Etc. His coach basically deaded that argument immediately by stating that it wasn’t the case.

But now, Lions QB/Infant with colic Matthew Stafford has joined that one man chorus and is “alerting” the refs (aka the media) that we cheat, Rhodes especially.

“He’s a big, physical corner,” Stafford said. “He puts his hands on guys all the way down the field. Is really physical with them. That’s, I think, when he’s at his best, at his comfort, when he can grab and hold and just be a physical guy because he’s a big guy. Big, strong guy. So he definitely has some of that ability and he’s, obviously, a down-the-field, long speed, fast guy, too.”

Okay. Well. He does lead the league in penalties at his position. Sure. But, seriously? You suck. Why even bring this up?

He did deny that he brought it up for favorable calls. But, if that was the case why did Calvin Johnson use the same terms?

Saying: Getting better at moving his hips. Definitely always been a handsy guy, but he’s a real strong guy. He’s always a good opponent.”

Sure. It’s just an off-handed comment, not a continuation of Golden Tate’s comments after the last game. Come on Detroit. You can still be revered as the plucky, lovable losers. Like the Bad News Bears or Hilary Clinton. But, don’t turn into the losing team that for some reason blames everyone else for their perpetual suckery.

Please. We already have to deal with Green Bay’s insufferable fanbase. Don’t make your one fan in the metro area start to buy into your backwards, pouty logic.

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