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One of the core philosophies of purpleTERRITORY Media is that we only work with sponsors that are of benefit to our readers/followers/subscribers. Total Sports Enterprises is one such company, as they have an exclusive autograph agreement with many players on the Minnesota Vikings (as well as other local teams) and thus have some of the coolest Vikings memorabilia that you can find anywhere. You can actually receive 30% off everything in their online (or physical) store by using our discount code, purplePTSD, but that’s not what today’s article is about.

Instead, TSE is hosting an autograph signing this Saturday (December 7th) from 2pm to 3pm at their local offices/headquarters in Bloomington, Minnesota. Tickets for that event are on sale right now and you can RSVP from their site or Facebook page, respectively.

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Click Here to purchase tickets for the event (remember to use our discount code, purplePTSD, for 30% off!):

RSVP Here, as well:

Get 20% off and free shipping with code 3Deep