We did it!

Thanks to the excitement you guys have shown (Mostly on Reddit), we went over to our (then) Potential venue, the Parkway Theater in South Minneapolis (Next to Pepito’s on Chicago and basically Minnehaha Parkway (Click Here for Directions/Location Info). We confirmed that we will be hosting our Monday Night Football party from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. on September, 11th!

The Super Bowl Experience

We need people to RSVP, as we can only have around 425 people there (the first 50 of which are going to be VIP’s). If we show that we can bring people in it should allow us to do more parties in the future and to obtain those tasty, tasty discounts…

Click Here to RSVP on Facebook!

My goal as the owner of purplePTSD.com is to reflect build a community for fans like me. I’ve sponsored a couple “Purple Parties” for a friend of purplePTSD, a Realtor Nick Wimperis, out in White Bear Lake the past few years. To build on that, I’ve decided to host a party in a more central location (As the biggest feedback we received was that it was hard for someone who has to work the next morning to drive home from WBL at 11 p.m.). So, with that in mind, I’ve found the BEST venue possible for the Vikings first game of the season. Parkway Theater. Which is located on Chicago Avenue in South Minneapolis.

So, I stopped by the Parkway Theater this afternoon to check out the venue. It was more than perfect. It has a stage for concerts and a screen for movies. Check it out…

Keep in mind it was really, really dark in there, which is what I prefer as I’m not too easy on the eyes, as they say. So, we’re planning on hosting a Q and A before the game itself, with four of our writers (Including me, so, yeah, we’re using the term “Writer” pretty liberally) on the stage and a microphone in front of it for people to walk up and ask questions about the team or the game itself.

We are also looking at adding music for the pre-game and half-time. Someone to do the National Anthem before the game, Jimi Hendrix style? We’ve had some interest, so that could most likely happen. As far as capacity, we’re shooting for about 425 people. Here’s the view from the theater…

And the view of the theater/screen from the back… I’m no math whiz but it looks like we can hold around 500 people? I’m planning on having an RSVP system, so we know how many people are coming and to ensure that no Packers fans show up (HISS). I really do think that we will fill this place to capacity, and hope that we do, as if we can really show Pepito’s/The Parkway theater that we’re the active, awesome community that I know we are, then we should be able to host parties like this as often as possible (Every away game?).

Imagine a full bar in the front and food tents on the left and right sides. This is totally a dream come true and I really, my goal with this is to say… “Thank you!” The site’s two year anniversary was on the 17th, this week. So, let’s do this! Share this with your friends and I’ll put up an RSVP for this on FB soon. I don’t want to do it so soon that people forget about it, but keep Monday, September 11th from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. in mind!

We’ll be doing garden gnome give away’s (And other, better stuff) too! It’s FREE to attend and is going to be a 21+ event!

Again, Click Here to RSVP! You have to RSVP to attend!

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The Super Bowl Experience


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