Finally!!!! It’s almost here!!!!

As some of you may have noticed, it’s been a bit dead in Vikings world lately as this is officially the calm before the storm that is training camp. So, with that, I thought it was best to post the full training camp schedule as it was the top post on the Vikings sub-Reddit this morning and I’m officially out of ideas.

The Super Bowl Experience

Last season we tried to make it down to the Saturday night scrimmage and there were so many people there that it was impossible to see the field. This year? We’re going to get the full press treatment! Not sure what that means, exactly, but we just got email confirmation from the Vikings that we will be able to stop down from August 2nd to the 5th to watch the team from the sidelines. Ballin!

So, make sure if you are going to stop down for especially the Saturday Night scrimmage that you show up at least an hour in advance as this will be the last Training Camp in Mankato and it’ll probably be an out and out spectacle.

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The Super Bowl Experience