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Kirk Cousins takes the stage at River Valley Church

Last weekend, I capitalized on the rare chance to see Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins off the gridiron. The $84 million man spoke to a crowd of 2,000 (many of which were purple disciples) at River Valley Church. As the son of a pastor, Cousins effortlessly preached a clear message – have faith.

The Illinois native comes across as a confident man, but he made some humble revelations about his past. As a high school sophomore, Kirk found himself stuck on the JV team, and an ankle injury nearly stole his chances of playing college football. Despite the setbacks, he bounced back as a junior and caught the attention of Michigan State scouts.

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Cousins credits his perseverance and faith for a record-breaking college career, one in which he brought the Spartans to their first ever Big Ten Championship game. Today, he feels blessed to be leading the Vikings out of the tunnel on Sundays. While he may not have won the Lombardi last year, he easily won over this crowd. With all the applause, I was surprised the SKOL chant didn’t break out.

Kirk stressed how grateful he is to be playing for Minnesota, but he acknowledged that last season’s shortcomings left him humbled yet again. With such a talented roster and supportive fanbase, Cousins said he can’t wait to get back to business. Regardless of next year’s results, the Vikings locker room leader has faith that the franchise will win a championship with or without him. He concluded his visit to Apple Valley with a bold proclamation that brought the audience to its feet and filled the church with cheers:

“This team is going to win a Super Bowl.”

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