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Many people don’t know that this site got it’s name because I was diagnosed with PTSD in 2014 (among other diagnoses) after essentially wasting a third of my life (19-29) by being too stubborn to get help. It’s that 2014 experience, which took place in an intensive inpatient treatment program in downtown St. Paul, that not only saved my life but also reaffirmed who I was as a person.

I was capable. I was smart. I was funny. I was worth saving.

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Because of that, I never shy away from openly discussing my life story, as I believe that the less we stigmatize mental health? The more people will lower their guard and get help. 

With that in mind, I wanted to apologize to Everson Griffen for my recent article on our sister-site titled ‘Everson Griffen and the apology that wasn’t’

I didn’t want or try to gas-light Griffen, but I didn’t take into account that this situation could be the manifestation of a symptom of a mental health crisis on his end.

Griffen came out to apologize to Kirk Cousins again, and said that he was getting help, which I think is as honorable and important as anything he’s done on the field.

As I and everyone around me knows, people aren’t perfect (especially me). I was irked by the left field criticism of Cousins, the most underappreciated NFL player of all time, and should’ve waited for the full story to come out. 

Let’s all hope Griffen finds the sort of solace that I did in 2014, as there’s still a lot he can accomplish (either on or off the field) and people deserve to be held to the same standard that we treat ourselves. 

So, I’m sorry. I’m sure he won’t read this or care what some weirdo from Minnesota thinks. But, I felt bad and wanted to amend my original statement.

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