Poll: Vikings Fans are Feeling Optimistic About Week 1 Packers Game

At this point, I think the Vikings will have a difficult time overcoming the Packers in Week 1. Apparently, my perspective is fairly unpopular among Minnesota fans.

A recent poll on Purple PTSD and Vikings Territory asked fans, “What’s the most likely outcome of the Vikings Week 1 game vs. the Packers?” Readers had six options. As of the writing of this piece, more than 10,000 people have responded, giving us a good sense of what fans are thinking. Take a look at the results (remember that these numbers may change some if more votes come in):

  1. Vikings in a close game – 50%
  2. Vikings by 10 to 14 – 18.6 %
  3. Packers in a close game – 11.2%
  4. Vikings in a blowout – 8%
  5. Packers by 10 to 14 – 7.1%
  6. Packers in a blowout – 5.1%

Now, I should add that I’ve rounded the numbers for simplicity. Nevertheless, we can get a pretty good sense of what Vikings fans (at least the ones who stop by the VT and PTSD) are thinking for the season opener.

Almost 70% of people who responded think that Minnesota will win the game. The margin for victory isn’t too massive in these fans’ view. That being said, I’d be thrilled if the team won the game by 14 points. That’s a reasonably decisive victory.

Perhaps the main advantage the Vikings have is that Green Bay is adjusting to life without Davante Adams. It’s plausible the rookie receivers struggle to be reliable targets for Aaron Rodgers, and maybe the veterans similarly struggle to have a noticeable impact. If I’m the Vikings defensive coordinator, I’m making a concerted effort to slow down the Aaron Jones/AJ Dillon duo. From there, I’m looking to ensure Allen Lazard has a difficult time finding green grass.

Forced to guess, I’d say the Packers find a way to overcome the Vikings in Week 1. The Green Bay defense is going to be really good, and Rodgers is still an excellent QB. Alas, I’d be very happy to be wrong. I think it’ll be a close game either way.

The next poll, included below, asks respondents to consider how the Vikings will do over the entire season. We’ll see if the optimism about Week 1 carries over into a hopeful view for the year’s overall outcome.