The Bad News Birthday

Justin Jefferson
Dec 6, 2020; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson (18) celebrates his touchdown in the third quarter against the Jacksonville Jaguars at U.S. Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Justin Jefferson turns 23 today. Various accounts on Twitter have been sending along their best wishes as they reflect on two sensational years to begin his NFL career. Take a look at the highlights that Will Ragatz put together:

We’ve also seen the NFL’s Twitter account join the fun:

Getting Justin Jefferson at 22nd may end up going down as one of the best picks in franchise history. If his production continues at its current pace, he’ll end his career as one of the best receivers to play in the NFL. The fact that he still is so young is what makes it even more incredible. At 28, Cooper Kupp was the best receiver in 2021. Davante Adams was 29. The point, folks, is that receivers can be highly productive well into their 20s and even into their 30s.

Depending on how you look at things, the Justin Jefferson birthday can be interpreted in either a positive or negative manner. The fact that he’s still so young is great news for Vikings fans. The fact that he’s still so young is bad news for the rest of the NFL. Ideally, he sticks around Minnesota for a long time, making life difficult for the Vikings’ rivals well beyond 2022.