QB Prospect Connected to Vikings Declares for 2023 NFL Draft

Anthony Richardson has been a hot topic of debate among NFL Draft nerds such as yours truly. Will he be a first-round pick? Should he be considered among the top QB prospects? Will he even declare for the draft this year? Well, we may not have answers to the first two questions yet, but the QB prospect that has been connected to the Vikings on multiple occasions has officially declared for the 2023 NFL Draft.

Richardson announced the decision via social media in a post title “Marathon continues…”. In it,he offered thanks to the University of Florida, his mother, and the fans before officially announcing that he will in fact leave the Gators football program to pursue his NFL dreams.

In multiple mock drafts throughout the year, including one here on PurplePTSD, the Florida QB has been predicted to be selected by the Minnesota Vikings towards the end of the first round of the NFL Draft.

Richardson offers a physical skill set that is rare at the QB position. In terms of his physique, think of Josh Allen. Richardson stands at 6’4 and 236 pounds; Allen stands at 6’5 and 237 pounds. Additionally, Richardson has a similar mobility and style to Allen with his runs. He’s a bruiser, willing to run through defenders rather than trying to avoid them ala Lamar Jackson.

Throughout the 2022 season, Richardson has rushed 103 times for 654 yards and 9 TDs. That physical running style has allowed him to be dominant on the ground at a 6.3 yards per carry clip, even in the SEC.

The QB prospect also features arm strength that may be among the best in this entire draft class. Just like Malik Willis did during the 2022 offseason, we should see plenty of viral videos showcasing Richardson throwing 50 or 60-yard bombs during February and March of 2023.

The one knock on Richardson comes in terms of his accuracy. His completion percentage of 53.8% this year and 54.7% throughout his collegiate career leaves much to be desired. However, there are a few things that account for this low percentage.

First and foremost, yes, there are occasions where he makes inaccurate throws at a rate that must be decreased if he wants to find success at the NFL level. However, the receiving talent around Richardson has been suspect at best, and that must be taken into account as well. There have been a number of poor drops as well as inconsistent routes throughout the season for the Gators.

If he’s given a talented receiver group, such as Justin Jefferson and T.J. Hockenson, Richardson will likely complete passes at a higher clip than he has at Florida. It’s also very easy to look back on players like Allen or even Cam Newton, who weren’t the most accurate of passers in college, but still managed to find great success at the NFL level.

It will undoubtedly take time for Richardson to unlock his full potential at the NFL level, but if he’s available to the Vikings at the end of the first round, they could do a lot worse than take a potential star at the QB position.

The 2023 NFL Draft is scheduled to begin on April 27th.

Josh Frey is a Class of 2020 graduate of The College of Idaho with a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing. He also earned minors in History, Human Biology, and Journalism. When he’s not writing about the NFL, Josh enjoys marathon training, playing video games, or rooting for the Milwaukee Brewers and Bucks. For more of his opinions, check out his Twitter account: @Freyed_Chicken.