Mike Gelfand’s Super Bowl picks

Mike Gelfand and Bob Sansevere

When training camp began, many of the 32 NFL teams hoped to play in the Super Bowl. (Let’s face it: There were some teams that knew they had no shot).

Anyway, all those teams and games played, bring us to this: Mike Gelfand’s Super Bowl picks.

Everyone has a favorite, whether it is the Los Angeles Rams or Cincinnati Bengals, and Mike is no different.

Where Mike is different is, he likes prop bets — those offbeat bets you don’t ordinarily see in regular season and pre-Super Bowl playoff games.

One of his favorites is the over-under on the yardage a running back will gain on his first carry. You will find out in this Super Bowl segment which running back Mike likes and whether he is taking the over or the under.

Mike is betting big money on several of his picks, so listen and find out what he likes.

Gelfand first began doing football picks more than a quarter of a century ago for the KQ Morning Show, and has continued entertaining listeners with his picks on The BS Show and now Purple PTSD.

Gelfand can be heard Wednesdays on The BS Show and Thursdays on the Tom Barnard Family Podcast.