We’ll Soon Find Out About The Cameron Dantzler Trade Rumors

Anyone who has been following the Vikings recently has probably heard the Cameron Dantzler rumors. The promising sophomore has been subject to no shortage of speculation about whether he’ll be moved before the trade deadline. Well, that deadline is fast approaching. If the Vikes want to move on from Dantzler – I don’t believe they actually do – they’ll need to do so by Nov. 2.

Upon first glance, moving on from Dantlzer makes very little sense. We just lost Patrick Peterson to injury, so much of the recent focus has been on bringing in corner talent rather than shipping it out. I’ve put forward a few names to remember, and Bleacher Report also suggested a name to consider. Be that as it may, the Cameron Dantzler rumors have been stubborn.

For what it’s worth, I have no doubt that other NFL teams would like to bring him in.

Dustin recently addressed a theory that the Titans will make a move for Dantzler: “While Dantzler was strangely buried about a month ago – he is not anymore. He can’t be. The Vikings wouldn’t have enough skilled bodies to cover opposing receivers if Dantzler was whimsically traded to the Titans.” For the most part, I think Dustin is exactly right. Why move on from our promising sophomore at precisely the time that we need the depth and upside he brings? The counterpoint is that Minnesota could trade Dantzler if it involved bringing in someone else to solidify that corner depth.

A Dantlzer trade would basically necessitate another move. There’s no way we could take on these next four games with Breeland, Alexander, Boyd, and Hand as our corner options. It’s already going to be very difficult with Dantlzer thrown in there. It would be near impossible without him.

With all that said, we come back to the main point of this article: we’ll soon find out if the Cameron Dantzler rumors were just speculation or substantive news. Our Vikings are clearly going for it this season. Right or wrong, they believe they can win the Super Bowl. I therefore expect the Vikes to make a trade or two if it means giving them a better shot of winning in 2021. My expectation, then, is that we’ll be bringing in talent rather than moving it out.

Spielman doesn’t call to ask for my opinion, though, and neither does Zim. I don’t think it makes sense to trade away Dantzler, but they’re going to make the decision they believe is best for the organization.

Hopefully, that involves retaining our upside sophomore corner.