Stefon Diggs traded to Bills for 2020/21 Picks including 2020 1st

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For whatever reason there’s a quote from the 90’s super underrated comedy Kingpin I quote all the time. After Ishmael breaks his hand, spoiler alert, he says to Woody Harrelson’s character Roy Munson, “It’s over Mr. Munson, it’s broken”.

I can’t find that clip so instead let’s just use the following reference.

That’s right, the Vikings are officially Munsoned.

According to multiple reports super unhappy for some reason receiver Stefon Diggs got his wish and was traded to Buffalo today for a load of draft picks that Vikings GM Rick Spielman will undoubtedly use on some busy replacement receiver from South Carolina.

As earlier reported today, Diggs was less cryptic but more Diggs than usual on social media today, stating some Waaaaaah! Waaaaah! WAAAAAAH! about new beginnings and calling a fan “champ” for pointing out exactly how he’s been acting for the past year and a half.

Diggs was one of the best receivers in team history despite not putting up the stats to prove it. That’s not on him, though, as the Vikings had a QB-carousel for most of his time here as well as nearly a new offensive coordinator every season and a half. Although up until 2019 Diggs had missed significant time each season of his young career.

This move opens up a lot more cap space for the Vikings as Diggs was due over $10 million in 2020 and $11.4 million in the next three seasons. With QB Cousins extension, the Vikings had opened over $20 million in cap space in the last 24 hours, although a large chunk of that was used on S Anthony Harris’ franchise tag.

Perhaps the extension of Cousins was just something Diggs couldn’t stomach?

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In the meantime I’ll be watching Kingpin and pretending none of this is real.