Vikings’ Will Chase Wilson In Prime Time Preseason

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In the Vikings’ second preseason game, they will try and contain the NFL’s most indispensable player, the Seattle Seahawks’ Russell Wilson.

Does anyone remember the commercial of former Vikings’ defensive tackle John Randle trying to run down a chicken in his own backyard?

He did so in preparation for facing Packers’ quarterback Brett Favre and Favre’s ability to get away from defenders in and out of the pocket.

At that time, Favre was slippery, but not as elusive as his Packer heir, Aaron Rodgers, a guy who can be downright rubbery in a pinch.

But neither truly holds any real comparison to the phantom-like abilities of one Russell Wilson up in Seattle, where Minnesota plays their second exhibition game of 2019 tonight.

At a mere 5’ 11”, Wilson is a bt of a physical anomaly. With big feet and hands for his size, he has great physical balance and ball-control, while also possessing a type of baseball player’s brain and throwing torque, allowing him to anticipate and deliver the football with both touch and velocity even while running for his life from guys like John Randle.

In Seattle, as wide receivers like Golden Tate come and go, running backs like Marshawn Lynch retire, and even infamous defenses like the ‘Legion of Boom’ come to pass, Wilson continues his magic act at a Houdini level, winning football games and getting the Seahawks into the playoff tournament.

The formula tonight for stopping the Seahawks will remain the same for the Vikings as it has in recent years. While starters are engaged with starters for their limited time, it’s a basic plan with minor variations.

Get the chicken.

Viking Inquisitions

With an August 31st deadline to cut player rosters down to the league-mandated 53, Minnesota’s coaches will also have serious things to consider as they examine play tonight in Seattle.

The first of which is this: what the heck is going on with kickers Dan Bailey and Kaare Vedvik?

With a Norseman-like glow still on the giant newcomer Vedvik, Bailey has chopped more kicks in practice of late then Prohibition did in over a decade 100 years ago.

What’s the idea here? And who do we even expect to kick tonight?

Meanwhile, Vikings’ special teams’ coach Marwan Maalouf needs to get higher marks on kick coverage tonight after allowing a 30-yard return average last Friday in New Orleans.

Folks, someone left the barn door open on this unit. And it’s still open.

Players Make Plays

Rookie wideout Obasi Johnson aside, is it too much to ask for Vikings’ fans to see a nice catch or two from the trio of Chad Beebe, Jordan Taylor or Jeff Badet?

People are really starting to miss Jarius Wright around here. Before you know it, he might be back.

Q: If Laquon Treadwell makes a play or two tonight, will it be like a tree falling in the forest with no one around to hear it?

Eyes On The Lines

On both sides of the ball–and throughout the game–coaches will be examining the push from Vikings in the trenches.

Last week, the interior of the Minnesota defensive line was bullied by Saints’ starters, while their own “new” offensive line graded well in early returns.

Love to see less of one and more of the other.

Also love to see right tackle Brian O’Neill and defensive tackle Linval Joseph out there.


First Time Cook?

Two years ago, a rookie Viking running back named Dalvin Cook popped off several solid runs right into the teeth of the still menacing ‘Legion of Boom’ during a preseason game in Seattle.

I can remember it like it was yesterday. It gave me a feeling like it was 2009 again–this could be a special Minnesota Vikings team.

Can we get a couple of carries to this guy? I mean, he came all the way out to the Pacific Northwest and put the entire uniform on.

One wide-zone run for a first down and we’ll shut up.

Thanks. It’s been a long off-season.