Climbing The Pocket: Episode 97 [Adam Thielen Dollar Wine]

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Climbing The Pocket Podcast

In this episode:

Question of the Night: Where is Lebron going to end up and why?

Football Talk

  • NCAA Transfer Rule
    • What are the ramifications for college sports?
    • Do you agree with the decision?
  • Zack Martin’s $84M Extension
    • $20M signing bonus with a yearly average of $14M
    • 2nd highest paid offensive lineman behind Nate Solder
    • With Norwell and Martin, is the interior OL market officially out of hand?
    • Do the Cowboys have too much invested across the offensive line?
  • Julio Jones Skipping Mandatory Minicamp
    • Should he be there with his teammates?
    • Thoughts on players holding out with multiple years left on their contracts?
    • Should Adam Thielen holdout?
  • Which teams have the best rosters (offense)?
    • Shameless plug for Jayson’s latest piece

Vikings Minicamp

  • General Thoughts
  • Which players seem to be standing out?
  • Deciphering the Coach Speak