Yahoo! lists Vikes as Week 4 Winner?


I typically avoid NFL related … anything… when the Vikes lose. But, considering I run this website, and it’s the Bye week. I had to force myself to click on things that make my soul weep.

That brought me to the weekly Yahoo! ‘Winners and Losers’ column. Surprisingly, he listed the Vikes as one of the 4 or 5 Winners:

Minnesota Vikings: I know, they fell short to the Denver Broncos. But, going back to the beginning of this post, it’s worthwhile to note who and where a team plays, and how they look.

And the Vikings looked pretty good on Sunday. The Broncos are one of the handful of teams in the NFL that should legitimately feel they can win a Super Bowl, because their defense is that good. And the Vikings were tied with them until late, when the Broncos hit a game-winning field goal.

Teddy Bridgewater was under constant pressure from a great Broncos pass rush, but he kept his poise and played very well. Adrian Peterson broke a long touchdown run on fourth and 1 in the fourth quarter. The Vikings’ defense gave up a 72-yard run to Ronnie Hillman, but the Broncos had just 272 yards other than that play.

The Vikings didn’t win on Sunday. But they won’t have many dates as tough the rest of the way as playing at Denver. That was a pretty good outing. They should feel pretty confident going forward.

i agree. and I can’t format this back to the regular layout. So… Credibility! but, if we can shore up our line (and blocking, across the board) and our FG-ing. We will be scary, the team no one wants to play come December.

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