Use Discount Code TCTWINS for a Free ONE YEAR Premium Membership!

One of the more aggravating aspects of attending Vikings (or sports) games outside of realizing you spent half your paycheck to watch your team disappoint, is that you’re essentially also paying for an additional ticket that you don’t actually get thanks to the industry-wide practice of 20% to 25% fees. We here at purpleTERRITORY Media have fought long and hard to find the best deals in town for our readers and we’re very pleased to announce that we’re ringing in the New Year by offering a free 12-month membership on the leader for Ticket Membership Clubs, the confusingly named TicketClub!

Their year-long membership works across North America and isn’t solely for tickets to sporting events! If you go to a lot of concerts, plays, events, etc. You’ll want to take advantage of this partnership, as you’ll get an entire year of zero fee tickets, for free, with zero obligation to renew in 2021!

Click HERE and enter our discount code, SKOLptsd, for the free membership (typically $50)!

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