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Raiders vs 49ers: Raiders 38-37

I’m trying to be optimistic here. While this game only has value in terms of draft positioning, both teams are dealing with having bad defenses and mediocre offenses. Oakland has a better offense in my opinion, so they will win a shootout. Hopefully.

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Lions vs Vikings: Vikings 37-28

The Vikings offense cost them the game last week, and this week I believe they will take care of the ball, leading to a big time win against a Lions team that has just traded away their best receiver.

Steelers vs Ravens: Steelers 27-24

This should be a very good game, and I believe the Steelers will be out for revenge after the Ravens beat them badly last time. The Steelers offense seems to be clicking better, so I give them the edge.\

Jets vs Dolphins: Dolphins 34-27

The Jets haven’t looked good in back-to-back games. The dolphins haven’t looked good since their win streak ended. I think the Dolphins can do enough to beat the young Jets.

Chiefs vs Browns: Chiefs 47-28

I think this one could get ugly, fast. The Browns defense has been great at times this year, but also really bad too. The Browns are still a dumpster fire, but slightly less of one than last year. Chiefs win.

Bears vs Bills: Bears 28-13

The Bears have come down to Earth since their impressive start, and that could be blamed on Khalil Mack’s health. The Bears should still handle their business against a bad Bills team though.

Buccaneers vs Panthers: Panthers 37-27

FitzMagic won’t happen again. The Panthers look almost as good as they did when they lost the Super Bowl.

Falcons vs Redskins: Redskins 30-24

The Redskins should hold the Falcons’ offense to limited amounts of points, while the Redskins’ offense should move the ball at will.

Texans vs Broncos: Texans 37-21

The Texans look like one of the best teams in football. The Broncos over payed for Case Keenum and proved the Vikings right.

Chargers vs Seahawks: Chargers 27-24

This game should be close. The Chargers are a very hot team right now and could end up playing a game in February. The Seahawks don’t look as bad as people thought they would, but I don’t buy into their hype yet.

Rams vs Saints: Saints 31-28

This is the game of the week. The Saints will win because of the veteran leadership of Brees, and Goff will throw a crucial pick.

Packers vs Patriots: Patriots 24-18

The Pats are just too good. Plus, the motivation of Rodgers getting so much praise will push Brady over the top.

Titans vs Cowboys: Cowboys 24-14

The Titans will keep it close, but the Cowboys new offense will do enough to help out their defense.

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