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Jaguars vs Titans: Titans 17-13

This game will be an ugly, defensive struggle. I like the Titans because the Titans seem to always beat the Jags.

Patriots vs Dolphins: Patriots 31-20

The Pats actually struggle with Miami in Miami, but I think the Patriots are on a roll currently and I can’t see the Dolphins knocking them out of rhythm.

Falcons vs Packers: Packers 38-35

I think the Packers getting a new coach will revitalize the offense and maybe help the defense as well. The Falcons aren’t nearly as good on offense as they need to be, and the defense is very bad.

Colts vs Texans: Texans 31-27

This has potential to be the best game of the week. There are serious playoff implications here. The Colts need a win to stay in hunt for the wild card spot. The Texans need help, but they are still in contention for a first round bye. I like the Texans in this one, but close.

Giants vs Redskins: Giants 20-15

I will not pick the Redskins to win another game when the only offense they will be able to muster is one big Adrian Peterson play per game. The Giants will continue to sabotage their future by winning and getting a worse pick.

Saints vs Buccaneers: Saints 42-20

The Saints would still be the number one seed if it wasn’t for these pesky Bucs. I like the Saints to punish them for beating them earlier this year.

Jets vs Bills: Who Cares?

I’m officially going to pick the Bills in this one, but I don’t think this game will be a barn burner. This one will be a battle of two bad teams. Bills 7-3

Panthers vs Browns: Browns 31-21

The Panthers stink on the road. The Browns are angry about the Texans blowout. I think Baker beats up the Panthers defense.

Ravens vs Chiefs: Chiefs 42-27

I just don’t expect the Ravens to keep up with the Chiefs offense. Period.

Broncos vs 49ers: Broncos 27-17

The Broncos season may be over with Sanders going down, but they should still beat the 49ers this week.

Bengals vs Chargers: Chargers 38-24

The Bengals season is over. Replace Marvin Lewis and give Dalton two years in a new system to decide if he is the quarterback of the future.

Steelers vs Raiders: Steelers 45-38

The Steelers should win this game, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Raiders keep it close all game.

Eagles vs Cowboys: Cowboys 24-14

The Cowboys are a threat in the NFC. The Eagles are mediocre. The Cowboys should win with Zeke and Cooper having good days.

Lions vs Cardinals: Cardinals 24-17

Matt Stafford isn’t great. The Cardinals just beat the Packers. I like the Cards chances to run the ball on Detroit and make some big plays on defense against a bad Lions team.

Rams vs Bears: Rams 37-27

The Bears will put up a good fight, but I like the Rams chances to outshoot Mitch Trubisky.

Vikings vs Seahawks: Seahawks 17-7

Cousins hasn’t looked like he’s worth it. Seattle has been playing extremely well. I hate the Vikings chances.

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      Jaguars vs Titans: Titans 17-13 This game will be an ugly, defensive struggle. I like the Titans because the Titans seem to always beat the Jags. Patr
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