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Packers vs Seahawks: Packers 24-20

The Packers are fighting to keep their season alive, and unlike the Seahawks the Packers have a real shot at winning their division. Rodgers will pull a rabbit out of his hat in this game and get the win in Seattle.

Cowboys vs Falcons: Cowboys 30-27

This is an “under the radar” great matchup. The Cowboys have one of the NFL’s top defenses, while Atlanta has one of the best offenses. I like the Cowboys to run all over the Falcons’ offense and Amari Cooper to make a few big pays on a bad Atlanta defense.

Panthers vs Lions: Panthers 45-17

This should be an easy win for the Panthers. Detroit’s offense isn’t effective and their defense hasn’t been great either. Carolina has been solid on defense and they run the ball well, meaning this game could get out of hand fast.

Titans vs Colts: Titans 24-17

The Titans’ offense has been good the past month, and their defense is playing at an elite level. The Colts are a solid team, but they feel like a fringe playoff team that is a year away. I like the Titans to win this game, but the Colts will keep it close.

Texans vs Redskins: Texans 27-17

I like the Texans to shut down Adrian Peterson and Alex Smith. I like Desean Watson to make a few big plays and get a solid win that proves the Texans are an elite squad.

Steelers vs Jaguars: Jaguars 17-14 *UPSET ALERT*

I’m probably wrong about this, but now that the Jags have Fournette back in their offense, I think the Jaguars can finish the year with 8 or 9 wins. The Steelers may underestimate the Jaguars and set themselves up for an upset.

Buccaneers vs Giants: Giants 21-14

This game is going to be ugly. Eli Manning is about to play at a very average level and may trick some Giants fans into not wanting a quarterback in the draft. Trust me, you want to draft a quarterback.

Bengals vs Ravens: Bengals 17-13

A defensive struggle! The Bengals were just humiliated at home by the Saints. The Ravens will be starting a rookie quarterback. This game just screams “TAKE THE UNDER!”

Raiders vs Cardinals: Raiders 33-27

These teams are bad. The only difference between them is the Cardinals have some hope for the future with Josh Rosen. I think the Raiders will regain some hope in Derek Carr this week.

Broncos vs Chargers: Chargers 38-17

The Broncos don’t have an offense. The Charger have everything you want in a great team. Uh-oh.

Eagles vs Saints: Saints 47-31

This game may get ugly. The Eagles have been struggling, and they are a seriously wounded team. The Saints are healthy, and they’ve been whooping teams for months now.

Vikings vs Bears: Vikings 17-14

The Vikings defense has been playing like its old self. The Bears have looked like the best team in the division. I like the Vikings offense to step up and do just enough late and set up Dan Bailey for a game winning field goal.

Chiefs vs Rams: Chiefs 47-45

The Chiefs send a message to the rest of the NFL in this game. They are the 2nd best team in the league. The Rams defense isn’t good enough and the injuries are piling up.

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      Packers vs Seahawks: Packers 24-20 The Packers are fighting to keep their season alive, and unlike the Seahawks the Packers have a real shot at winnin
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