I’ve been attempting to build our message board for a few months. But, because a lot of our traffic comes from Twitter, Facebook and Reddit (All sources that focus on the community aspect and have the ability to openly comment/debate/argue/scream on them, it’s been an uphill battle). While we do plan to host live chats on the site during games this season, it seems that you guys prefer to stay on the sources that directed you here. And because we want to really emphasize that our site is a reflection of the Vikings fan community, we’ve heard you loud and clear!

So, with that in mind, we do have an amazingly successful Facebook page. It’s creeping towards 8,000 followers, but apparently Facebook has this thing called Groups now as well. It’s essentially sort of like the page we already have but it’s focused more on the user than the content. It’s a way for our readers/followers to get more personal, post more pictures, really just control the ebb and flow of topics and content vs. waiting for me to get off my ass and post stuff they can respond to.

So, you can click HERE to check it out or join. Apparently I have to approve every new person who joins, so I will be checking multiple times an hour while I’m awake (I typically work on the site for about 12-16 hours a day). Our group has only been around for a day, but we already have just under 200 people that have signed up! Part of that day, or really about half of it, was when the site was down for our server migration. We just migrated last week but within the course of essentially two to three months you guys have made it so the site has outgrown two servers, which means at this point purplePTSD.com is running on the largest server package that BlueHost.com has. That’s so amazing and it really means the world to me as the owner. Honestly, you guys are the best!

Again click here to peep the new group! We’d love to have you!

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