As I’ve essentially crammed down everyone’s throats for the past couple weeks, we officially have our own, internal, message board! I’m 32 years old and still vividly remember sitting around with my best friend in the mid-90’s and crossing our fingers to hopefully get online during peak hours on AOL. We used to hang around multiple chat rooms and message boards back then, saving pictures of R2-D2 on our floppy discs and getting solicited for molestation. It was always my dream back then to own a message board (sans the molestation) and now that I do, I can’t wait for people to join it.

We actually do have around 350-400 people that have registered, which is amazing, but it seems like everyone is sitting on the sidelines until the season or draft starts. So, I figured, I’d encourage people to start talking by offering everyone’s favorite thing, ever, apparently. A Minnesota Vikings Garden Gnome! So, my plan is to “Officially” launch the message board by having a live “Party” of sorts on the draft during the second day of the NFL Draft. In addition, we’re going to have a contest (See Below) for those who do join and comment that begins right now and leads up to the draft party where we’ll all chat during the draft and announce the winner(s) then!


So, without further ado… Let’s do this thang.

Or, not… Before we start, you need to create an account for our message board. Then, this “Thang” can begin… Sorry.

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The Draft Pick Gnome-a-Rama…

This week writer/purpleJOURNAL Podcast co-host/Infinite Monkeys Podcast Host Luke Braun discussed a draft game that he’s playing with his dad this month. It’s something he did last season, too, but this season will be a bit different. Essentially, Luke has nine (IIRC) chances to guess who the Vikings will take with their first overall pick. Considering the amount of needs and where the Vikings are picking (48th), nine picks isn’t enough. Essentially, if he does guess the right pick, he gets free beer.

I like that idea (Namely because it involves a father that isn’t completely disappointed in his son, as the only game my dad would want me to play at this point is Russian Roulette (Kidding, love you Dad!)) so I’ve decided to steal it and modify it to make it a bit/lot harder but the reward much, much sweeter (As this won’t cause a life of regret or a hangover).

So, here’s the game:

You get one chance to guess the player that the Vikings will take with their first overall pick in the second round come April 28th. You have to post which player you think they’ll take in the forum (Not on Facebook/Twitter), if you guess the right player, you’ll be the proud owner of the most coveted Vikings collectible, a brand spanking new garden gnome!

It’s that simultaneously easy and hard!

So, create an account and join the discussion on the message board, HERE!

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