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If you hadn’t heard… Our humble little site,, is part of a larger network of Minnesota Vikings related news/content sites. The crown jewel in that dented ass crown is, which has been an institution in the Vikings news and … Ugh… “Blog” game since the early ’10’s.

Point being, you should check out each site daily for your Vikings news! We’d tell you to bookmark them, but we’re pretty sure that that’s not a thing anymore (also, I’m not sure why I’m saying “we”, as if I’m sort of consciousness speaking to you from the ether of the internet… Although, that would explain the abject loneliness!).

So, let’s take a look at some of the articles you may have missed!

First up? Another awesome draft profile from this sites’ managing editor, Kirby O’Connor:

Next up? An article about the new defensive assistant Dom Capers, straight from the mouth (and brain) of head coach Mike Zimmer!):

Lastly, an article about Dak Prescott’s salary demands and Kirk Cousins’ involvement in that (because of course we have another article about Cousins to discuss):

You can discuss this on our message board below! Click ‘Create an Account’ on the top menu and join our new fan community! Stay tuned to for all your Vikings news (and this site, too, “We” guess)!

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