Vikings v. Lions picks from across the interwebs


So. I was looking at what people are thinking about the game this Sunday. I figured we’d be favored, as we’re 3-2 and are a top 10 power rankings squad, and Detroit is 1-5 and are also Detroit.

Surprisingly though, the “experts” are relatively split.


Maybe I’m more biased than I’ve already admitted. Or as is obvious. Maybe it’s not that surprising considering our offense is struggling, it’s at Detroit and they just put up 37. It’s also a division game and those are always tricky. But… You guys will see…

Over at ESPN, the brain-trust with such legends as Ditka, Chris Carter and Keyshawn “how did I get this job” Johnson, they have the Vikings winning 9 against 7 for the Lions.

The CBS crew, after not drinking coffee, split right down the middle with half supporting us and half … Well, you know what split down the middle means.

The guys and computer over at SB Nation also split it, with 4 going for us, 4 going for the Lions. The computer thing they use picked the Lions…

It’s odd, to be a 3-2 squad, that already handily decimated a squad, to meet them again and basically be a push?

I left the game last Sunday feeling bad. About as bad as you could in a game that you basically controlled the entire time. I don’t know what it is, I mean I do. It’s the offense. But, I can’t quite figure out what part of it, specifically, is bothering me.

It’s the passing game. I know, but why? I could’ve sworn we ran the same passing play about 80% of the time. The weird 15 yard button hook on the sideline. It worked, so I get why you’d stick with it. And also, that it was us taking advantage of the cushion we were receiving. So, we wanted to attack that until they played us man to man, so we could hopefully get a deep game going, for once.

But, my point is, I don’t know if Norv simply doesn’t trust Teddy at this point, and/or if Teddy is basically just lost. The Chiefs are awful against the pass, and we couldn’t get anything going. So, it is a gigantic red flag, and it’s something to worry about.

So, maybe these guys aren’t wrong for being iffy about the squad. Lord knows I just talked myself into being the same…

We’ll see how this Sunday goes.

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