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It’s been a week since one of the more confounding games in recent Vikings history. The team is fresh off a visit to Lambeau, reeling from a game in which they essentially beat themselves and are now finding themselves facing a “bad” team at home in a game that most bookies have them heavily favored. Sound familiar? ​

​That was also the case last season at this time, however, the Vikings were reeling from a  tie game in Lambeau as opposed to a loss. That game, though, came down to multiple missed field goals by now Raiders kicker Daniel Carlson and not the objectively awful play of the “savior” of the Vikings, Kirk Cousins.    

So it feels like today’s game is one that could go any number of ways. While that may be true for every NFL game, this game really screams “WHUT?” more than any other I can think of. 

The Vikings could rally from last week’s nonsense, especially on defense, and come out as strong as they finished the final three-quarters of the Packers game.

Or, they could mirror the defense of the first half, especially if Cousins and company on the other side of the ball end up turning the ball over and forcing the defense to bail them out like they did (continuously) in Green Bay.  

That makes it very hard to guess what will happen at noon. But, that’s what we get “paid” for, so let’s see what the brain trust in the purple territory Media family has to say about today’s outcome!

For the record, though, the spread for the game is 8/8.5 points. However, the consensus according to SportsBettingDime is for the Vikings to win the game, but won´t cover the 8.5 points spread against the Raiders

Joe Johnson Owner/Senior Writer/Full of Regret-er

I made most of my rational thoughts clear in the intro to this piece (as I wrote it). So, I’m going to focus on my emotional thoughts and take on this game. I really feel like the Vikings NEED to win this game. 

Sure, anything can happen, theoretically. The Vikings could lose 59-0, bounce back and win the rest of the games this season and also the Super Bowl, and then they could be the first team to find a theory for everything that combines aspects of relativity with quantum theory just like string theory promised to do decades ago. But we live in the real world and we all know how things typically go with the Vikings.

If there’s one constant in this franchise it’s the constant disappointment that comes after raising peoples hopes yet again. I feel like the Packers game embodied every emotional feeling a Vikings fan can have in their entire life, from extreme anger and disappointment to the “Wait a minute, they might come back”-ness of the second, third and at least part of the fourth quarter. That lead to the crushing disappointment that was Cousins’ first-and-goal from the eight yard-line.    

So, we know that the Vikings need this win. The team needs it, the fans need it. It needs to at least begin to alleviate the taste that was left in the collective mouths of Vikings fans last Sunday if for nothing else to start the process of getting our hopes up (yet again) so t hey can be dashed in heartbreaking fashion a few months from now.

That means that this game has a lot more importance and pressure than we thought it would when the schedule was released this off-season and the fact that Kirk Cousins knows that scares me as I really believe that he’s simply succumbing to internal and external pressure. 

That having been said, I chose this career path and can’t not cover the team so I also need them to pull off a win.   Hopefully, that’ll happen.

Vikings 34 – Raiders 6

Joe Oberle


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Minnesota—27, Oakland—17

Adam Nelson Senior Writer

Oakland comes to U.S. Bank Stadium for their first road game of 2019. The Raiders posted a 1-7 away record in 2018 while going 4-12 overall. They are currently 1-1, having beaten a very disappointing Denver Broncos team before getting creamed by the Chiefs.

We’re only in Week 3 of the season, but the numbers are in our favor. Oakland ranks in the bottom half of teams in terms of Points Scored and Points Allowed. Their offense is not very remarkable, while their defense is mixed. They have the 5th best defense against the run while sporting the league-worst pass defense. Minnesota has spent a lot of time trying to improve their ground game, but they will need to rely on their 2018 offensive strategy to get the job done this week.

As long as Cousins doesn’t throw a pair of picks this should be a much easier day compared to Lambeau. In fact, ESPN gives the purple and gold a 78% chance of winning with an O/U of 44.

My prediction:

Minnesota 28, Oakland 14

Kevin Gendron
Senior Writer

Never does this one feel in doubt as the Vikes take control early and cruise to victory. Stefanski makes Cousins a focal point after a down game in Green Bay, hitting Diggs and Thielen early against Oakland’s susceptible secondary. Cook finishes it off once we’re ahead and per usual, the defense dominates as home (an opposing team has never had a 100-yard receiver at US Bank).

24 Vikings -13 Raiders

Now some fast ones!

Vince Wright
Writer purplePTSD/Host “Sports Done Wright”/Sports Governor of MN (Incumbent)

Vikings win a surprisingly closer than expected game 31-21

Jack Day
Writer VikingsTerritory/purplePTSD / Co-Host “Load the Box”
28-10 vikes  

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      It’s been a week since one of the more confounding games in recent Vikings history. The team is fresh off a visit to Lambeau, reeling from a game in w
      [See the full post at: Vikings/Raiders Score Prediction(s)]

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      Vikings score first. I think they grind the run against a team that has some unwarranted hype in stopping it. Theien gets loose for a nice chunk and the Raiders show some cracks in trying to control Dalvin Cook. Jon Gruden has a nice game plan and Oakland moves into Vikings territory several times, but settles for one TD and a long Daniel Carlson field goal.

      In the second half, Zimmer has his thumb on the Raider offense and the pass rush starts heavy pressure. Vikings “get well” passing the ball and are supplemented by one or two big plays by Cook, coasting to a three-possession lead into the later 4th, when Zimmer plays back and allows a late touchdown. Vikings 27, Raiders 7

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      WAIT—I meant 27-17—-Vikes

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