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Each week, we here at cover the line of the upcoming game(s). So far this year the Vikings have been favored in all but one game, the Steelers game on the road. Now, according to MyBookie.Ag, they’re expected to lose by three at home against the Packers, which shouldn’t be surprising considering the fact that the Vikes are down their starting: QB in Sam Bradford, their RB in Dalvin Cook and their top WR in Stefon Diggs. The line has the Vikings down by three (+3), at home.

So, if you really think about it, it’s not that bad considering what was stated above. This Vikings team, at least, is used to losing players at this point with 2016 being the biggest “Next man up!” year in the history of the team (and really, the league). It’s crushing, though, because this Vikings team is built to win now (on paper) and has the defense and now really the offense to make a move or two if all the pieces are allowed to play.

I’ve been accused by readers of being “Fair-weather” because I’ve basically bared my soul and made it clear that I’m sick of this situation. That doesn’t mean, though, that I’ve given up, it just means that I want this team to win a championship and I was one of the few writers to say that this team had that potential this pre-season. After the Saints game it seemed like a lot of people/writers came to that realization as well, but that excitement/reality really only lasted about two days as Sam Bradford’s injury became apparent around Wednesday of that following week and things started falling apart soon after.

So, clearly, considering I own two relatively large Vikings websites, I’m not a “fair weather” fan. I still want them to win against the Packers. I just don’t expect them to on Sunday as the Packers have the best QB in the (passing) league and the Vikings are down their best three players. That doesn’t mean that I’m not psyched to see Michael Floyd, who I’ve been championing all year as well. It’s just that I’d rather see Michael Floyd as the third option, catching passes from Sam Bradford after he pulled a play action with Dalvin Cook. But, that’s not the case and while this team could win with Case Keenum and Floyd/Adam Thielen, it shouldn’t HAVE to.