What a game. I was planning on hosting a live chat, but figured that my psyche could only handle being alone in one reality at a time.

But, what a chat it would’ve been. This game had everything, missed field goals, missed blocks, missed defensive assignments… Missed opportunities. WE HAD THEM. We finally found a way, as an organization, to stop Peyton Manning. We came off of two stifling run defense games to let Hillman score a 72 yard touchdown? Come on. That’s a 10 point swing, by the way, as it came directly after Blair Walsh’s missed field goal.

So, what should we take away from this game, and let fester over the next two weeks until we can avenge ourselves before that hate potentially turns into stomach cancer?

Diggs is good. As I’ve said all summer, he may very well be the Steal of the Draft. He looked like a veteran out there. Leading the team in yardage and recovered fumbles. He definitely will end CP’s career as a Viking, and before long, could supplant more than one receiver on the depth chart.

Xavier Rhodes had a terrible game. He entered the game leading the league in penalties, and basically made it so he can take the rest of the season off and still finish in the top 5. What happened? Blame the concussion?

Outside of that, our TE’s can’t block. AD can’t block. We are running the wrong plays for AD (if a guy is producing at a 6 yyc clip when given the ball in the I, why change it? Especially against a team that is horizontally fast, whose perhaps only weakness IS GETTING RUN DIRECTLY AT (is that a sentence? I’m too mad to change it)).

Moral victories blow. I want real ones. I know we’re young, and this could’ve been a changing of the guard type situation, but seriously? Can’t we just win? I don’t consider it a moral victory because our flaws were exposed and I don’t see how we can fix them at this point. AD won’t be a blocker, ever, Blair Walsh won’t get cut or replaced, Rhodes has shown he is consistently drawing calls and Norv seems like he has dementia.

So. Who knows. Our schedule is rough. Our team has so much potential but for whatever reason we aren’t the same team on the road. Had this been a home game we would’ve won by 14.

Next up? the Bye! That’ll be fun and good for traffic. Maybe I’ll start covering episodes of ‘Empire’? Can you believe what Cookie said/wore/punched/oh no she didn’t’d?

Sigh. Such is life as a Vikings fan.

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