Trade for CP?


Anyway you slice it. Cordarrelle Patterson also known as ‘Flash [in the pan]’ is done with the Vikings.

My new favorite Vikings, and the man that I did promote relatively heavily this off-season as the “Steal of the Draft” and potential “Rookie of the Year” had a breakout game last Sunday against the Broncos. How did that happen?


Well, for one thing, Stefon Diggs can run routes. He’s a true receivers receiver.
WPONDER1hile at Maryland he went through more QB’s than the Vikings have since 2010. But he still excelled and even lead the Big Ten in receiving in the first year that Maryland was a part of the [best] conference.

He’s smaller than CP, he’s not as fast (but he’s fast), and he’s even not as slippery (although he is slippery). But, he knows how to run routes because he practiced, and practiced. And, he’s also not stupid (I’m sorry, but a guy that smiles that much for no reason is either 2 minutes in to a salvia trip, or he’s a few synapses short of a full frontal lobe).

So, Diggs is in. That leaves Patterson out. So, we have two realistic options.

Deactivate him on gameday, or trade him for a low round pick.

Either sucks. We gave up A LOT to get him, and he officially has joined Williamson, Underwood, Udeze (not his fault) and James.

But, keep in mind that we just replaced CP with a 5th round receiver. So, don’t get too down when that’s what we get for him tomorrow.

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