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Each season fans look ahead to analyze which star players their team will have to face. These players can ruin a game plan Single handedly, and add to your favorite team’s loss column. Minnesota’s schedule is full of superstars ranging from Tom Brady to Khalil Mack, but what are the matchups that will give the Vikings the most trouble. 

5. Packers Pass Rush 

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Best Player: Za’darius Smith 

The Packers pass rush ruined the Vikings chances at the 5th seed last season, and Za’darius Smith was the main culprit. He recorded four sacks in the week sixteen matchup and looked unstoppable. This group was actually handled pretty well in the week two matchup, but the decline of the Vikings Offensive line could lead to more trouble in week one of 2020. 

4. Colts Offensive line 

Best Player: Quenton Nelson 

This is a group of maulers that will move you five yards on the line of scrimmage  every play, led by what many scouts considered to be a future Halll of Famer. They aren’t slouches in pass protection either. After giving up thirty one plus sacks from 2014-2017, they have been below that mark since the arrival of Nelson. Hunter is a force but will need a lot of help if the Vikings hope to contain the front of the Colts. 

3. Seahawks QB Russell Wilson 

Best Attribute: “It Factor” 

Russell Wilson has been terrorizing vikings fans with his stellar play since he entered the league. He is 6-0 against Minnesota in his career, including a heartbreaker that should have been a loss (27 yarder, anyone?). His ability to create something out of absolutely nothing is his superstar ability and it’s extremely tough to contain. 

2. Bears Pass Rush 

Best Player: Khalil Mack 

The Bear defense as a whole was the reason they were able to sweep the Vikings for the past two seasons. In 2020 the pass rush is the unit that will give Minnesota the most trouble. This group took a step back without Akeem Hicks in 2019, but with his return and the addition of Robert Quinn they have a real chance to break their sack record of seventy- two. Quinn brings twelve sacks and fifty- seven pressures to a team that had fifty-four sacks just a year ago.

1.Tampa Bay Offense

Best player: Mike Evans 

How do you defend this offense? The offense line was only responsible for twenty-four sacks last year so there is not much of a weak link to speak of. 

Godwin, Evans, and Gronk together present a trio that’s relatively unguardable. Each requires All Pro levels of attention or they threaten to take apart your entire defensive gameplan. 

The only thing holding them back is the age of Brady, it remains to be seen if he can still sling the ball forty times a game if needed. Ke’Shawn Vaughn was drafted to ensure that never happens, but it’s likely the best gameplan to defeat the Buccaneers is to make the greatest player of all time beat you. 

The Vikings young defense will have a tough time stopping the Bucs and will likely look back on the week fourteen tape to correct a lot of mistakes. The new found inexperience will likely result in a lot of big plays, and a smooth day for Brady and company. 

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