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One of the more surreal and amazing parts of covering the Minnesota Vikings is the fact that each week on our new KDLM radio show (Wednesday nights @ 7pm) I get to pick the brain of one of the most pickable of NFL brains, Mike Tice. 

He is obviously able to answer so many questions from the perspective of a player, a position coach, a unit coordinator, head coach, etc. But today he posted something on Twitter last night that really piqued my interest.

This reminded me of this story from our new columnist, Bob Sansevere. 

The build-up to that piece was an off-air story after my weekly cohosting gig on his ‘BS Show’ and him bemoaning the process for voting in Hall of Famers. In my ignorance of the process (always a great way to introduce a story), I presumed that Sansevere voted on those types of things. 

Turns out that’s a huge nope. 

Apparently each market gets one vote. Period. So, one writer (Mark Craig) from the Star Tribune is the sole vote from Minnesota for any Hall of Famers. While that may balance big market bias, one thing that I know wouldn’t?

Tice’s idea. 

Like those who vote on the Oscars, once you’re in the club you get a say. Who better than former players/coaches to say what the standard is? Perhaps, over people like me? Not that I’m comparing myself to Mark Craig, but that seems odd that he is the sole arbiter of those things in the entire State/market. 

In lieu of the retirement/healthcare/money not going to cheerleaders, etc. Why not give these guys that right? Sure, there’s a lot of turnover and a ton of players across the league both each year and across decades. But that’s how you’d know you’re getting the real deal and while you could never stamp out people’s campaigns/tendency to form cliques, you’d at least diversify things and remove any sort of home base bias considering how many teams the average player plays on. 

What do you think? 

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17 days ago

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