Three Questions with Austin Belisle of [On Tom Brady, The Draft and Teddy v. Bradford]


As some of you may know, we typically share some content with the fellas over at One such, sharing (?) of content comes from Austin Belisle, who participates once a week in our ‘Three Question’ series. While we both kinda forgot to email each other about this for a few weeks, we never stopped caring about our audiences. So, almost simultaneously, we realized that we had been letting our fans down, and emailed one another at the same time to get this back up and the questions back to flowing.

So, check out this week’s edition of our world famous ‘Three Questions with Austin Belisle’ segement, this week’s topics include Tom Brady’s status as the greatest of all time, Austin’s thoughts on the upcoming draft and the age old question of Teddy vs. Bradford…


1) Do you Think that Brady is the GOAT?

Even before his record fifth Super Bowl win, I considered the Patriots quarterback the greatest of all time. Brady was my Montana growing up; “Mr. Cool,” calm, cool, and collected under pressure. I was lucky enough to see each and every one of Brady’s Super Bowl victories, and along the way, I grew to appreciate the mastery of his game. Outside of the intangibles that make Brady an elite signal caller, it’s his perfect release and delivery, his impeccebale footwork, and his exceptional mind that separate him from the rest of the class. Whether there’s two minutes left on the clock or two seconds, give me one quarterback, no questions asked — Tom Brady.

2) Outside of fixing the offensive line, what do you think the Vikings need to focus on this off-season (Position-wise)?

Though it may surprise some, I’m going to stick with defensive tackle. The injury to Sharrif Floyd last season really exposed a lack of depth at the position, where Tom Johnson and Shamar Stephen struggled to consistently win up front. Neither is the all-around talent of Floyd; both lack combination of pass rushing skills and run stuffing ability to make an impact like Floyd has in previous years. Some of the issues are clearly mitigated by the dominance of Linval Joseph, but the Vikings could use a rotation of all-around players to complement Joseph’s many talents. If Floyd does return, it would still benefit general manager Rick Spielman to pursue a defensive tackle in free agency or through the draft. My second, fail safe option would be linebacker, where changes are sure to be made with the expected retirement of Chad Greenway. The strength of the Vikings is defense, and improving a strength can only benefit a team with very few obstacles in the way of a playoff run.

3) Teddy vs. Bradford. Who do you prefer, why?

The guys at Vikings Territory know two things about me: I’m an eternal optimist, but more importantly, I’m a realist. While I’m optimistic Teddy Bridgewater can return to the field in the next two years, I understand Sam Bradford has earned the right and will enter 2017 as the Vikings’ starter. I’d love to bet on Bridgewater making an Adrian Peterson-like recovery, but my heart can’t bring my mind into agreement. Some will argue Bridgewater is the better of the two quarterbacks, but I’m of the belief Bradford is the only real option for the team’s preparations this offseason. If I did HAVE to choose between the two, though, I’d stick with Bridgewater. While I commend Bradford for his efforts last season, I’m an adoring fan of Bridgewater’s game. He’s a leader, an improvisational artist, a reliable presence under center, and most of all, he’s OUR quarterback. Like so many, I can’t bring myself to let go of the guy who seemingly landed in Minnesota by fate.

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